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Dental experts are concerned that more people use toothpaste that skips the main ingredient – fluoride – leaving them at greater risk of cavities.

Most toothpaste contains fluoride. While health authorities recognize fluoride as cavity blockers, the Internet is characterized by claims, often from “natural” dental cream marketers and alternative drug advocates, that fluorophilic toothpaste also prevents cavities.

Dentist is disagreeable.

“It’s really important to debunk this idea of ​​brushing your teeth ends due. You must have fluoride,” said Damien Walmsley, a scientific advisor to the British Dental Association and dentist professor at the University of Birmingham.

This view was emphasized this week by an article in the dental drug Gerodontology, which examined the scientific literature on cavities.

The main conclusion is that, without fluorine, oral hygiene efforts have no effect at cavities.

The idea of ​​just brushing teeth does not prevent cavities to a large extent accepted among individual researchers for decades, but not always by the public. Dentists generally recommend fluoride for cavity fighters, but some of them continue to believe that the mechanics of drying teeth on plaques also reduce the cavity. The findings, published Monday, gave a break to at least one dentist.

“It violates certain principles we have learned and as we learn and believe,” says Richard Niederman, a dentist and professor at New York University who saw a advance copy of the study and found the find credible. “What it means to me is that the toothbrush is just a delivery system.”

Few studies of this issue have been done in recent years, since fluoride value has been widely accepted for decades. In the review, the University of Washington searched for high-quality studies since 1

950 and found only three. They were performed in the United States and the United Kingdom and were published in 1977-1981. They covered a total of 743 children aged 10-13 years who flossed and brushed for up to three years.

When the studies were statistically evaluated as a whole, there was no significant cavity reduction from simply brushing or flossing without fluorine.

Dentist J. Leslie Winston, Oral Counselor for Crest Toothpaste Manufacturer Procter & Gamble, said the review “serves as an important reminder.”

“Despite a large amount of scientific evidence, there is a growing number of consumers who believe that all the toothpaste is the same and as long as you clean your teeth effectively with a toothbrush or other device that cleans your teeth, you can prevent decay, “he said in a statement.

The market share for fluorophilic toothpaste is close to business information. Sources of industry estimate it with no more than 5 percent of all toothpaste sold, but with an expected growth of over 5 percent annually. On Monday, Tom’s Maine antiplaque and whitening toothpaste, which is fluor-free, is listed as the second best-selling toothpaste on Amazon’s online purchase platform.

Paul Jessen, a trademark chief of Tom’s of Maine, said “The products that do not contain fluoride we offer do not promise that privilege” to fight cavities. He said that his company’s customers generally understand this.

However, customer reviews on Amazon’s website sometimes indicate otherwise, with many reviews insisting that the company’s fluorine-free toothpaste combates cavities.


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