Researcher: Nibiru “sucks” lava from the ground

The message at the end of the world is coded in the activity of Venus and Jupiter, says cosmopolitan scientists.

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Researchers say planet X is “spewing” volcanics of solar system planets and “absorbs” lava from the bowel of the earth. Experts from NASA noticed that the theory of apocalypse comes from an unknown solar system Nibiru every day more and more truly than before. Expert Cristian Negureanu claims that there is enormous gravity due to the presence of another planetary system, ruled by the star Nemesis, surrounded by some planets, including Nibiru (Planet X).

They affect some planets, such as Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter, Earth, Venus and our star, the Sun.

On the Jupiter Moon, the volcano has become active. Venus intensified “idunn Mons”. The sun observed magnetic storms and violent outbreaks of lava, which proves an unusual flow of “toxic” waves and rays on the earth. These radioactive storms are so strong that they can knock out satellites, interfere with communications and GPS services, to threaten the aircraft and even disturb the power supply.

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8/08/de86965cf52afe38e9e702d023af45f2.jpg” alt = “User: Some of them are” brand new “than [19659003] Our planet is active at the moment, I think it is currently blasting more than 20 volcanoes around the world, most are concentrated in a ring of fire and the situation seems to deteriorate. If the theory of the arrival of Nibiru will be reality, then we can consider the volcano’s activity is a clear sign.

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