Residents of Britain’s ‘most Instagrammed streets’ driven from homes by selfie-loving tourists

RESIDENTS from Britain’s “most Instagrammed streets” have been driven out of their homes by selfie-loving tourists.

Thousands flock from Russia, Asia, and South America just to pose in front of iconic properties in Notting Hill, London, The Cotswalds and Circus Lane, Edinburgh.

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This young lady poses in Notting Hill, and the post generated hundreds of likes on Instagram[/caption]

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These tourists from Hong Kong flocked all the way to Circus Lane, Edinburgh, to take this Instagram snap[/caption]

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A loved up couple pose outside a lovely home in ‘beautiful’ The Cotswalds[/caption]

Social media fanatics reportedly hang off people’s railings, have lunch on doorsteps, spilling drinks all over their entrances and even lean on homeowner’s doors.

Locals in Notting Hill have become immune to the attention, blaming their colourful front doors and the film for the attention.

But with the rise of Instagram, and websites recommending the best spots to get popular snaps, it has become “worse and worse”.

Ingrid, 90, has lived in the area for 40 years but is now becoming sick and tired of the tourists.

And what’s worse is how rude they are, she explained.


When her daughter Clare tried to stop people hanging around the front of their home, she was shouted and sworn at.

Ingrid told The Sunday Times: “It’s got worse and worse. They’re sitting on my doorstep.

“They’re quite rude sometimes, they make a noise.”

Her neighbour Ari likened the scenes outside of her home to those of “Disneyland”.

As early as 9am she can hear people shrieking, with one tourist even leaning against her door.

In a bid to reduce attention, she left a stain on her doorstep, and sometimes she will ruin their photos by photo-bombing them.

One resident whose house has featured on several Instagram accounts has left a donation box outside.

A message asks people to give £1 for charity when they take a snap outside the property.


It’s just as bad in Bibury, Gloucestershire, where locals have also complained of a rise in bloggers trying to get the ultimate snap.

The village gets up to 3,000 visitors a day in summer months.

Richard Williams, Chairman of Bibury parish council said: “Loads of people have moved away.

My good friend lived on Arlington Row for 30 years. He was vociferous and quite militant about people sitting on his wall.

“He became tired of it and moved.”

Mr Williams Ahas reportedly sought advice from the National Trust, but there isn’t much anyone can do.

The situation is very much the same in Edinburgh.

Last year, Edinburgh City Council released the report Managing Our Festival City following an increase in visitors.

It said: “Pavement crowding is a very real concern for residents and visitors in the city centre, during the summer (and winter) festival periods.

“Overcrowding at certain pinch-points can lead to pedestrians stepping onto the road and into bus lanes.”

It is not illegal to take photographs on a public street, or someone’s doorstep unless the landowners tells them it is unwelcome, verbally or with a sign.

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Keen to match her pink flowing top with the striking pink door, this pregnant Instagram blogger poses outside a house in Notting Hill[/caption]

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Notting Hill residents have blamed their colour front doors and outer walls for the photo obsession[/caption]

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This blogger with thousands of followers on Instagram took this iconic snap in Arlington Row, Bibury[/caption]

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