RHOBH star Erika Jayne’s ex Tom Girardi, 82, looks bruised & disheveled in first sighting since he was accused of fraud

NEW photos have emerged of Erika Jayne’s ex Tom Girardi looking bruised and unkempt in his first public sighting since being accused of stealing millions of dollars.

The former attorney has not been seen in public for over a year after his divorce and fraud scandal.


Tom had a black eye on his outing[/caption]


He appeared much more disheveled than his normal put-together look[/caption]

Tom, 82, was spotted out on a walk in Los Angeles with his daughter looking battered and thin in a blue polo shirt, khaki shorts, black belt, socks, and shoes.

The lawyer was reportedly in a serious car crash recently, where he drove off a cliff and was unconscious, leading to a painful black eye.

The controversial star has become unable to function without assistance and after being diagnosed with dementia, his brother has been named his conservator.

Tom seemed highly unstable on his walk, as he leaned against a pole while his daughter attempted to hold him up straight.


Tom was accompanied by his daughter[/caption]


He looked unwell after a serious car crash[/caption]


Tom seemed to have lost weight amidst his divorce and fraud scandal[/caption]

The once rich and famous man looked thin and untidy as he has become a recluse in his massive Pasadena mansion.

In November of 2020, the Girardi & Keese attorney was hit with divorce papers from his wife of 20 years, Erika, 50.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star claimed her ex cheated on her many times, and their relationship suffered several other issues.


Tom has been accused of stealing millions of dollars from Indonesian children orphaned by the Lion Air 610 plane crash as well as a burn victim in the Pacific Gas & Electric pipeline explosion.

Alongside his wife, high-interest lenders, fellow lawyers, and a security company have demanded payment.

Not only has his own health deteriorated, but his law firm has also taken a tumble and lost its reputation.


Tom has been under serious scrutiny, but Erika’s own wealth and income have also been under close watch.

Last week it was revealed that the reality star’s “inconsistent statements” about her money on the Bravo series could be “used against her in court.”

The attorney investigating Erika, Ronald Richards, told Page Six: “The show is a treasure trove of self-authenticating admissions from non-scripted actors who did not anticipate that many months later those statements would come back to haunt them or that they would be investigated.

“This is because none of the housewives have a duty to tell the truth on television. They are now caught in [an] undesirable legal position, were they lying then or now.”

The lawyer then told Us Weekly on Friday: “There’s a lot of inconsistent statements and admissions made by the non-scripted actors that we’re putting together to use in court.”

When asked if Erika would be questioned over her incessant spending, Ronald replied: “There’s a lot of things we’re still trying to uncover.

“We are going to be deposing her (Erika) at some point, but I want to get all the documents first. What’s important right now is following the money,” he shared.

According to court documents uncovered by Radar, the trustee in charge of Tom’s bankruptcy has hired an auction company named ThreeSixty Assets Advisors to kick things off the sale of his possessions.

A Cadillac DTS, an impressive wine collection, a signed Erin Brockovich poster, a signed Beach Boys record, a printer, sports memorabilia, books, a piano, and even bronzed statues will also be available for purchase.


Erika and Tom divorced in November[/caption]


The housewife’s financials are also being investigated[/caption]

Pedro Andrade for The US Sun

She has since ditched her full glam for a relaxed look[/caption]


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