RHOC’s Braunwyn Windham-Burke tells trolls to ‘educate themselves’ after coming out as lesbian and debuting new GF Kris

BRAUNWYN Windham-Burke clapped back at an online troll who questioned her love life after she recently came out as a lesbian and debuted new girlfriend, Kris. 

The 43-year-old Real Housewives Of Orange County star shut down an Instagram follower who asked how she could have seven kids despite claims she’s “never been attracted” to men. 


RHOC’s Braunwyn clapped back at online trolls after coming out [/caption]


The reality star debuted her new girlfriend, Kris [/caption]

In the comment section of the mom-of-seven’s Instagram, one person wrote: “How can you say you’ve never been attracted to men with all those children you have? 

“You must have liked something about him at some point.”

However, Braunwyn was not having it and responded: “Feel free to Google and educated yourself.”

The Bravo newbie appeared to be in a chatty mood, as she answered more questioned from curious fans. 


One person asked: “So if she has a girlfriend why is she in a family photo with her husband? I’m so lost. 

“These kids have to be so confused about what a marriage is.”

“Not at all,” Braunwyn assure in her reply.

Asking about ongoing divorce rumors since the California girl came out, another wrote: “So the divorce rumors are true?”


Braunwyn defended her ‘modern’ marriage to husband Sean[/caption]

She answered: “Right now we’re taking it one day at a time and figuring out what works.

“We don’t have any answers, we just know we love our kids and we will always be family.”

Last month, Braunwyn confirmed she’s gay in an interview with GLAAD and said her husband Sean and their children are accepting of her new romance.

She shared a picture of her girlfriend Kris just moments after her GLAAD interview revealed she was a lesbian.


The couple have been married for 20 years and are back together after separation[/caption]

It’s not known how long the happy couple have been together – but Braunwyn revealed in October that she’s dating “someone special”.

The TV star told Us Weekly: “There’s someone in my life right now that makes me happy and I smile just thinking about, but I kinda want to protect it right now.”

She added: “I’m not quite ready to put it all out there, everyone in my life that knows me knows what’s happening.


The couple share seven kids together [/caption]

Douglas Tuohy

Braunwyn says Sean is ‘her person’ even though she’s ‘not attracted’ to men[/caption]

“I don’t think I’ve smiled so much. It’s good. I know if you look at social media, it seems really like crazy, but things are really good in our house right now.”

The blonde beauty explained she is “still getting used to” the idea of being out of the closet because she thought there was a stereotype that lesbians were more masculine.

She said that despite always liking women, she was confused because she liked to wear make-up and do her hair.


The RHOC star shared a stunning glam shot of her in a black gown [/caption]

Braunwyn then revealed that despite loving Sean and considering him “her person,” she’s not “attracted to men.”

“And I never have been, I love him but I mean, I’ve never looked at men that way,” she explained.

In terms of their marriage, she said she plans to stay married to Sean and confirmed they are living back together, but that they’re not sleeping in the same bed at the time.


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