RHONJ’s Jackie Goldschneider calls Teresa Giudice feud ‘lowest point of adult life’ after starting rumor Gia does drugs

REAL Housewives of New Jersey star Jackie Goldschneider called her feud with Teresa Giudice the “lowest point of adult life.”

The drama between the Bravo stars ensued during Wednesday’s episode after Jackie started a rumor that Teresa’s daughter Gia does drugs.


Jackie called her feud with Teresa the ‘lowest point of adult life’[/caption]


She previously made false claims that Teresa’s daughter Gia does drugs[/caption]

The intense feud began when Teresa, 48, spread a rumor that Jackie’s husband Evan was cheating on her during his birthday party.

After Jackie, 44, asked Teresa to sit down for a discussion about the rumor during the season premiere, the mother-of-four refused to state that she spread the rumor without evidence.

In a fit of rage, Jackie made a false claim that Gia, 20, does cocaine.

While reflecting on the feud during Wednesday’s episode of RHONJ, Jackie apologized to Teresa’s brother Joe Gorga and sister-in-law Melissa Gorga for making the claims about Gia.

Jackie said: “This is the lowest I’ve felt in my whole adult life.


Jackie opened up about the feud during Wednesday’s episode[/caption]


She apologized to Melissa and Joe for making the false claims about Gia[/caption]

“I know it’s your sister and your sister in law but all of this has been so low and ugly.”

Later in the episode, Jennifer Aydin claimed Teresa was “not malicious” when she started their feud.

In a confessional, Jackie said: “All I’m asking is for my friends to support me for one night but Jennifer literally cannot stop licking Teresa’s a**hole for one second.”

The feud has been a popular topic throughout the current RHONJ season and has been documented in every episode so far.

During the season premiere, Jackie became frustrated when Teresa refused to admit she had “no evidence” behind Evan’s infidelity rumor.


Jackie called the feud ‘so low and ugly’[/caption]


The drama began when Teresa claimed Evan was cheating on Jackie[/caption]

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Jackie said the rumor negatively impacted her marriage[/caption]

When Teresa continuously refused to shut down the rumor that she “heard,” Jackie made the accusations against Gia.

She claimed: “I heard that Gia snorts coke at the bathroom at parties! I heard it! I don’t know who I heard it from. I heard it from somebody.”

Teresa angrily responded by calling Jackie a “f**king b**h” and stormed out of the room as she continued to cuss her out.

The drama continued into the next episode, which captured the other RHONJ stars trying to convince Teresa to call a truce with Jackie.

While on a getaway trip, the other women admitted they can see why Jackie was be offended by Teresa’s claims because the rumor affected her marriage.


Jackie later admitted that she made up the rumor about Gia[/caption]

Teresa said: “Jackie is weak and she has no backbone. When someone said something similar to me, I was like whatever no big deal because I was confident in my marriage.”

Despite her claims, a throwback clip followed that showed Teresa losing her cool while being cheated on in 2017.

Melissa told Teresa: “You were 100% wrong for bringing it up at the party instead of telling it to Jackie directly.”

Teresa became furious and she got up from the table and said: “I’m leaving, you’re all a**holes. Go f**k yourselves I’m serious.”

After Teresa slammed the door, the women followed her in the room and end up hashing it out. 


The feud has been a popular subject throughout the season[/caption] Link

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