Richard Madeley demonstrates new breastfeeding pump for MEN on Good Morning Britain

RICHARD Madeley stunned viewers as he demonstrated a new breastfeeding pump for MEN on Good Morning Britain today.

Piers Morgan’s stand-in told viewers it is “going to be a technical and physical possibility in about three years” for fathers to breastfeed their babies.

Good Morning Britain

Good Morning Britain viewers were stunned to see Richard Madeley using a breast pump for MEN today[/caption]

Unpacking the bizarre piece of kit, Richard, 62, placed the pump over his left peck as Kate Garraway grabbed her boobs.

Kate, 51, explained a product design student had created the feeding kit as an alternative option for couples.

The idea is to reduce pressure on mums as couples can share the breast feeding load and to strengthen the bonding experience.

However, men would need hormone therapy to be able to create milk.

Kate Garraway added: “Apparently the ducts are there, the mammaries are there … it develops the ducts first and then you can pump out the milk.

Good Morning Britain

Richard, 62, took the lead at dismantling the breast pump for MEN[/caption]

Good Morning Britain

The host held it up to his left peck[/caption]

Good Morning Britain

Richard is sitting in for Piers Morgan as he takes three weeks off[/caption]

“There is a prop Richard, I don’t know if you’re feeling brave.”

Richard then proceeded to handle the piece of kit.

The panel offered to send Hollywood actor Richard Gere a kit after he became a father again at 69.

Kate was previously caught in an awkward breastfeeding moment – with a cow.

The TV star pretended to give her milk to a cow for a promotional shot for Channel 4 documentary ‘Other People’s Breast Milk’ in 2008

Good Morning Britain
The pair worked out how to use the pump for men

Kate later admitted feeding a cow “is not something I’m proud of.”

She posed for photo for the programme, which suggested that feeding babies cows milk-containing formula is as strange as giving cows human milk.

The star explained: “Now it was all part of a documentary.

Kate said she wasn’t proud of it
Camera Press
The shoot was for a TV show
Camera Press

“It was a serious piece of journalism on Channel 4 called ‘Other People’s Breast Milk’ about people who drink other people’s breast milk.

“Now people were horrified by this, but the thing is when you give your baby formula you’re giving it milk from the breast of a cow.”

She noted, of posing with the animal: “There was gaffer tape and an element of fakery about. And it clearly made the point because we’re still talking about it 12 years on.”





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