Road rage driver, 61, spits half-chewed food into woman’s mouth after she winds window down ‘to apologize’, police say

AN alleged road rage driver spat half-chewed food in a woman’s mouth as she “tried to apologize”, police say.

David Wipperman, 61, was arrested on Thursday after an apparent road clash with a female fellow driver last month.


David Wipperman, 61, spat food in a female driver’s mouth after a road rage clash in Florida, police say[/caption]


Wipperman, seen in a social media photo, was arrested on Thursday over the alleged October 29 fight[/caption]

Raging Wipperman is said to have exploded with anger at the road user after she made a driving error while travelling in Pinellas County, Florida.

He stormed out of his white Chevy truck to confront the unnamed female when she began winding her window down, according to a police report obtained by The Smoking Gun.

The woman later told officers that she’d put her window down in order to say sorry during the October 29 incident, the doc adds.

But a fuming Wipperman responded by spitting his food into her face – with some landing in her mouth.


He then threw open the woman’s car door and began screaming in her face, police allege.

Wipperman apparently only stopped his alleged tirade when a passerby intervened.

Walmart employee Wipperman now faces a felony charge of battery.

He is also accused of later carrying out a burglary – although it is unclear if this allegation is related to the road rage clash.

Wipperman has previous arrests for “disorderly conduct, violating probation, battery, grand theft, aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, and felony battery”, the Smoking Gun reports.

He was being held in jail on Friday on a $12,500 bond.


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