Road rage driver’s foul-mouthed rant at motorist who pulled out in front of him ‘while on phone’

THIS is the shocking moment a raging driver launches into a foul-mouthed road rage rant at a motorist who pulled out in front of him.

Dashcam footage shows the irate man branding the van driver a “f***ing moron” after he speeds in front of him while apparently on the phone.

Two drivers were locked in a road rage row after a van driver pulled out while ‘on the phone’
cookiemonster via Idiot UK Drivers Exposed

He then launches into an expletive-ridden road rage row with the motorist as they drive alongside each other on a dual carriageway.

The footage starts with the man driving along a busy street in Sutton-in-Ashfield, Derbyshire, listening to music when the black van suddenly pulls in front of him.

He beeps the horn and yells “f***ing hell, you f***ing idiot” before the van driver starts to swing in front of him in his lane.

After beeping again, he shouts “are you a f***ing moron” before undertaking him as they pull up to traffic lights.

Footage shows the van driver swiftly pulling in front of the other driver
cookiemonster via Idiot UK Drivers Exposed
He then swings in front of the driver again
cookiemonster via Idiot UK Drivers Exposed

He asks the van driver “are you on the phone?” before flying into a rage when he is told “you need to slow down”.

The driver screams: “You pulled out on a give-way and you’re on the phone…I just seen you on it”.

But the van driver insists he “ain’t got no phone” as the camera is turned to show him at the wheel of his car.

The man filming brands the van driver a ‘f***ing moron’
cookiemonster via Idiot UK Drivers Exposed

The footage ends with the motorist filming telling him: “You’re going on YouTube mate, everyone can see your stupid face.”

He then brands him a “t**t” before the pair drive away.

The video was posted on YouTube by user cookiemonster in March but was yesterday shared to Facebook page Idiot UK Drivers Exposed where it has been viewed more than 90,000 times.

Although some viewers have backed the driver filming, others have said he was “overreacting.”

Paul Canavan wrote: “Is this really what we have come to these days?? “Your going on YouTube mate” is that meant to scare or frighten people?”

Luke Goodman said: “Bit of an overreaction, sure it was bad driving but could see him coming a mile off – guy just wanted some footage”.

While Chris Brown wrote: “Both in the wrong for different reasons.”

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