Robert Mueller and Donald Trump Jr. Were Spotted at the Same Airport Gate

On Friday, Politico spotted Donald Trump Jr. and particular counsel Robert Mueller ready for his or her flights at the identical airport gate in Washington, DC. It’s unsurprising that these two distinguished males who spend loads of time in the swamp have been noticed at the identical DC airport gate, however it’s nonetheless amusing that the head of the Russia probe and a man swept up in that investigation occurred to cross paths in the most mundane of circumstances.

There is, fairly frankly, lots happening in the blatantly fucking awkward scene above. So to interrupt all of it down, listed below are all the questions the VICE workers has about this photograph:

1. Where are they going?
2. Are they on the identical flight?
3. How did an SNL cold open grow to be actual life?
4. When is #PlaneBae lady going to point out as much as doc this?
5. Why is not Don Jr. flying non-public?
6. Is this seemingly regular man staring into the distance truly Sacha Baron Cohen in disguise?

by way of POLITICO Playbook

7. Is Don Jr. sporting a camo hat as a result of he is attending some type of searching get together?
8. What is Mueller studying so intently?

by way of POLITICO Playbook

9. And… is he studying about himself in the newspaper?
10. What does the button on Don Jr.’s bag say?

by way of POLITICO Playbook

11. Where are Mueller’s safety guards? Seems unsafe.
12. Are they each in top quality?
13. Is Don Jr. a type of annoying individuals who strains up proper by the gate, approach earlier than his boarding group known as?
14. Why is that this secret service agent my new fashion icon?

by way of POLITICO Playbook

15. Who is Mueller’s barber? (Tight reduce.)
16. Is Mueller about to personally hand him a subpoena? Doesn’t he have folks to try this for him?
17. Do you assume they acknowledged one another at all?
18. Did Don Jr. name his girlfriend to be like “OMG you’ll never guess who’s at my gate!” or is he simply frantically making an attempt to get on a unique flight?
19. What’s up with this duct-taped charging station?

by way of POLITICO Playbook

20. Does Mueller favor peanuts or pretzels?
21. What colour is Don Jr.’s shirt? Neon teal?
22. And for somebody who has a lot money, how is it that Don Jr. cannot discover a shirt that matches?
23. Who took the image?
24. Was Don Jr. afraid?
25. Did the airline find out about this forward of time?
26. Will they run into one another in line for the aircraft’s lavatory?
27. Will the flight attendants point out that they are each onboard?
28. Will this be the first of many extra likelihood encounters?

UPDATE: We now have a greater look at what is going on on inside the aircraft, so listed below are just a few extra questions…

29. Is Don Jr. sitting in financial system?
30. Can we safely assume Don Jr. prefers window to aisle?
31. Are these sun shades glued onto the secret service man’s head?
32. Ever heard of AirPods, Don?

We might by no means get any solutions, however at least we will take pleasure in the awkward glory of this image realizing that the majority of America might be having a greater flight than Donald Trump Jr. is true now.

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