Royal Ascot 2019 dress code – what you should wear to the racecourse and latest rules

ASCOT’S biggest race gets underway next week – and a long list of rules comes with it.

If you’re joining the Queen at Royal Ascot, here’s how to make sure you’re dressing the part – depending on your enclosure…

The Queen arrives at Royal Ascot 2018 but there are many rules about what you can and can’t wear
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What’s the Royal Ascot dress code?

The notoriously strict dress code for Royal Ascot partly depends on which enclosure you happen to be in.

The world famous race track hit headlines by banning blokes from wearing shoes without socks earlier this year.

While jumpsuits for ladies were finally added to the acceptable dress code in 2017.

Ladies should wear formal daywear.

A lady’s skirt should finish just above the knee or longer
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If you’re lucky enough to be in the royal enclosure, ladies are asked to wear:

  • “Modest” dresses or skirts which finish just above the knee or longer
  • Dresses or tops with a strap of one inch or wider (strapless, off-the-shoulder and spaghetti straps are banned)
  • Trouser suits and jumpsuits are welcome, but must be full-length to the ankle
  • If wearing a trouser suit, jackets and trousers should be matching in material and colour
  • Hats or fascinators, with a base of 4ins or more, must be worn
  • Midriffs must be covered
Women must wear hats or a 4in fascinator, while blokes have to wear full morning dress and top hats
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Blokes, meanwhile, have to wear:

  • A morning suit, waistcoat and tie (bow ties and cravats are banned)
  • A black or grey top hat (coloured ribbons and bands are banned)
  • Black shoes, worn with socks

Men may only remove their hats in a restaurant, private box, private club or on the terrace of any of these places.

Fancy dress, novelty and branded clothes are absolutely not allowed.

Rules are relaxed in the cheaper enclosures, so make sure you’ve swotted up on your dress code
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What’s the Royal Ascot dress code for the cheaper enclosures?

If you’re in the cheaper Queen Anne Enclosure, ladies can get away with fascinators and slightly shorter dresses.

Rules on showing too much shoulder or midriff are also relaxed.


While blokes can ditch the waistcoat and top hats – but still need to wear a tie.

Unless you’re in the Windsor Enclosure, where it’s shirts and jackets.

For the specific rules on your enclosure, see the Ascot guide here.


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