Russian husband ‘shoots his wife and his brother dead after waking in the night to find them romping in his spare room’

A JEALOUS Russian has reportedly confessed to gunning down his wife and brother – after finding them having sex in the spare room of his flat.

Graphic images show Olga Sukhanova, 44, lying dead on a bed with a gaping head wound and a man’s body lying nearby on the floor after the shooting.

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Oleg Kirkunov is said to have opened fire after hearing noises coming from a bedroom[/caption]

Oleg Kirkunov, 54, has now told police his brother Evgeny had joined him and his wife for a meal and drinks then stayed the night at his house in oil city Ufa.

He reportedly said he woke in the night and realised his wife Olga was no longer lying beside him and went to look for her and heard “noises” coming from another bedroom.

“He entered the room and saw his wife making love to his brother,” reported Ufa1 news agency.

The unemployed man – a keen hunter – then grabbed his Saiga gun and shot his wife in the head as she lay in the bed, say police.

Olga Sukhanova’s bloodied body was found by cops on top of a bed
Kirkunov’s elder brother Evgeny was found slumped dead on the floor

Then he gunned down his 65 year old brother who had dressed and was trying to escape.  Both lovers died on the spot.

The cuckolded husband then immediately called police and confessed to the killings – and the reason he shot them.

The Russian Investigative Committee confirmed that “the criminal has been detained”.

A statement said: “Charges have been brought against him. He is accused of double murder. Investigators will appeal to court to seek his detention for two  months.”

East2west News

A Saiga hunting rifle was found at the scene of the double killing[/caption]

East2west News

The cuckolded husband reportedly called the police and confessed to the killings[/caption]

Later it was confirmed he had been detained until 4 January 2019 pending further investigations.

The accused waved to the camera as he was taken into court handcuffed to a police officer.

He also won disturbing social media plaudits and was hailed as a “hero” for killing the lovers.

The extraordinary comments included: “Well done, brother! I would have done just the same”.

“Cheer up, you will go to jail, this is true, but you have done the absolutely right thing”

“Don’t regret it, don’t mind police and other bureaucrats, you are the hero. You are a true man”

Kirkunov had a license for the Saiga rifle which is seen lying on the floor of his home after the double shooting.

Victim Evgeny, a power station engineer, was married to a woman called Faina.



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