Russia : prison wardens filmed torturing an inmate

Six guards of a prison camp in Russia have been arrested for “abuse of power” and “violence” after the broadcast by independent media of a video of torture of a prisoner in this camp, announced Monday the investigative Committee of the Russian. Last Friday, the opposition newspaper Novaya gazeta published on its website a video showing more than a dozen guards of the prison camp number 1 of the Yaroslavl region (approximately 250 km north-east of Moscow) in the process of wear of the blows to an inmate, handcuffed and lying on a table, which pushes the heart-rending cries. The video has caused a wave of shock and outrage in Russia.

“Investigators have identified all the guards of the prison camp who participated in the beatings of the prisoner”, has assured in a statement to the investigative Committee, in charge of major investigations in the country. “To date, six people have been arrested,” he said, underlining that measures aimed to stop the other suspects were outstanding. “An investigation for abuse of power and violence has been opened”, according to the investigative Committee, which also intends to verify the actions of the director of the prison and prison officials, regional.

Kicks, punches, and unidentified objects

According to investigators, “a group of prison warders of the prison camp number 1, located in Yaroslavl, has used violence against a prisoner, in acting intentionally and abusing of their power,” the statement said. In particular, they have “inflicted multiple blows of feet, fists, and objects of non-identified with this man’, he adds. According to Novaya gazeta, the lawyer and activist of Human rights Irina Birioukova, which has transmitted the log video of torture, “has been forced to leave Russia in the wake of its publication” because of “threats of revenge”.

“The opening of an investigation on facts of alleged torture is a first not very welcome on the path of justice”, has welcomed in a press release the NGO Amnesty International. “However, in the absence of a national mechanism designed to systematically prevent torture, the criminal case opened against the torturers will be an exception to the rule”, she qualified.

The violence and ill-treatment by guards in the camps and prisons in Russia are regularly denounced by the prisoners ‘ families and NGOS specialized in the monitoring of places of detention.

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