Saharan dust tracker 2021 today LIVE – Map shows South Florida will be hit by storm cloud that ‘will turn skies orange’

A HUGE “Saharan dust cloud” is hitting parts of Florida this weekend.

NASA is monitoring the dust cloud, which was swept off Africa by strong winds swirling across the deserts of Mali and Mauritania.

“It’s a scorcher out there,” NBC Miami meteorologist Steve MacLaughlin tweeted on Friday.

“The Saharan Dust that keeps the sky overcast and knocks out or rain chances also pops the humidity and makes it feel like about 100° across South Florida.”

According to NOAA, “Sunsets and sunrises take on more yellow and reddish hues because the low-angle sunlight passes through more of the atmosphere before it reaches your eyes.”

“A heavy load of dust in the atmosphere can enhance this effect, leading to longer-lasting, duskier colors that cause vivid sunsets and sunrises,” the outlet added.

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