Salon sparks outrage by charging anyone taller than 5’8″ and with hair down to their bra strap MORE

A HAIR salon has been slammed for alienating customers thanks to its unusual rules.

An unnamed stylist has been called out for posting that anyone over 5ft8 or who has hair reaching their bra strap should pay more for their cut.


A hair stylist has been slammed for saying customers over 5ft8 should pay more[/caption]

The stylist said they also require photos of a client’s current hair before the appointment, and if someone lies about their hair length, they will pay an additional fee.

The bizarre post was shared on the stylist’s Instagram, but was screenshotted and posted on Twitter by a UK salon review page.

The review account asked its followers if stylists were asking too much of their clients nowadays.

The stylist’s initial post said: “Please note that the price is subject to change.

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The stylist also said customers with hair reaching their bra strap should fork out more for a cut[/caption]

“If you are above the height of 5’8″, there is an additional charge, if your hair is bra strap length or longer, there is an additional charge.

“If you incorrectly measure your hair, the scheduled length you initially booked may be changed and additional costs will be added accordingly.

“Also, current pictures of your hair are required at the time of your consultation.”


A hair review site posted the requirements on Twitter to see if the stylist’s demands were reasonable[/caption]

Twitter users quick to weigh in on the debate and give their thoughts on the hair stylist’s demands.

One wrote: “LOOOOL I’m still crying at if you are above the height of 5’8 . What kind of height discrimination is this?”

Another added: “This hair stylist has lost her damn mind! What in the world has height got to do with length of hair! And so what if your hair is long is not still the same hair style?”

And one commented: “sis must’ve lost her mind because ….”

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