Salt Bae news – Nusr-et fans all saying same thing about menu prices, including £50 gold cappuccino & £1,350,00 steaks

SALT BAE has come a long way from his time as a butcher’s apprentice in his native Turkey – and his menu prices show it.

Some of the cheapest items on the menu – beyond the notorious £850 gold-coated steak – are still enough to break the bank if you are not careful.

A single meatball with cheese will set you back £180 while even a ‘gold-covered’ cappuccino will cost you £50.

Burrata – a type of cheese typically served with tomatoes as a starter – will cost your £25 per head.

Writing on TripAdvisor, the customer branded the restaurant’s prices – which include £850 for a gold-coated steak and a £100 burger both on offer – as “ridiculous” and not worth the hype.

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