Samantha Gangal – Incipient Beauty: We have a gorgeous actress, who definitely deserves a beautiful gallery.

Samantha Gangal \

And to end this fantastic month, we have this beautiful actress who I didn’t remember but what better way to welcome her than with this beautiful gallery.

Samantha Gangal (born 23 September 2003 in the United States) is an actress who is widely known for her career in film and television. She rose to fame for her role in DreamworksTV’s OMG! series, playing multiple characters between 2015 and 2016. He is of Norwegian and Spanish descent. He moved to California at the age of nine. He appeared in theatrical productions of Hairspray, The Lion King and School of Rock.

He took photos with James Charles, Jordyn Jones, Jordan Bleu and others while attending Coachella in 2019. She is popular on the LIKE app with over 400,000 followers. His account also includes photos with Connor Finnerty, Sienna Agudong and several other celebrities.

He got his first screen credit in 2013. He has also appeared on Just Jacques and DreamworksTV’s Boy Band Billy. He has garnered over 200,000 followers on his Instagram account LittleSamKay. She appeared in the parody music video for Bart Baker’s “B****, I’m Madonna”.































































































































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