Samsung Galaxy Note 9 rumors: what to expect from the unpacked event

It’s August, which means two things: lots of tweets regret the coming end of summer (there’s still plenty of time to enjoy the sun, people!) And a new Samsung Galaxy Note device – in this case Galaxy Note 9, which Samsung is expected to announce on August 9 at its Galaxy Unpacked event.

Samsung announces officially announcing Note 9 on Thursday, although it feels that almost every detail in the phone has been leaked all the time, including more details that have come directly from Samsung itself. Here’s what we expect to see:

Galaxi Note 9

Thursday’s star is featured as Samsung’s latest stylus-equipped flagship Galaxy Note 9. Like this year’s Galaxy S9, note 9 is expected to be an incremental update in the past This year’s Note 8, which holds about the same design while adding new improvements and improvements. To stick around are things like the dual camera system, the rear fingerprint sensor (albeit in the adjusted mode) and the iris scanner, with Samsung specifically focusing on some improvement areas:

Upgraded S Pen: It Would not It’s not a new note without a new S-pen, and Samsung retains some pretty big upgrades for this year’s model. An increase in accuracy and sensitivity seems to be a safe bet, but the major changes may come in addition to Bluetooth to the pen, so it can be used as a remote control.

More Battery Life: Based on Samsung’s Teasers for Note 9, battery life will be a big point of sale for the phone. Rumors suggest that Note 9 may contain a 4000 mAh battery, about 14 percent greater than the 3,500 mAh found on the battered Galaxy Note 7 (as well as the less 3 300 mAh battery in last year’s Note 8). There is room for too much battery life – provided Samsung has really learned its lesson from Note 7.

More storage: Also leaked in Samsung’s promo video, Note 9 comes with up to 512GB of onboard storage, which, in combination with A 512 GB microSD card (the largest currently available on the market) means that users will be able to pack a whole terabyte of storage on their phones. Just do not expect the storage space to be cheap – the 512GB version alone will be expensive, and it’s before you bill another $ 350 or more for a 512GB card.

Better cameras: Considering that there’s a new Samsung smartphone, expect some upgrades to the camera, with a possible upgrade to the dual blender system that Samsung introduced with the Galaxy S9.

Faster speeds: Like the Galaxy S9 before that, note 9 will likely be an upgrade to Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 845 processor, along with the chipmaker’s latest (and fastest) modem.

Fortnite : If you’ve been living under a rock this year, Fortnite is the biggest game in the world – and the awaited Android port can be timed exclusively to Galaxy Note 9, if the rumors are true.

Galaxy Watch

Note 9 is not the only thing that Samsung has scheduled for Thursday. It seems that the company has a new smartwatch in the work: Galaxy Watch, which seems to break away from the “Gear” naming system that Samsung has used in recent years and instead switches to the more famous Galaxy branding seen on Samsung’s smartphones and tablets.

It does not sound like the naming means big changes for the clock. Users are hoping that the Galaxy name may mean a return to Google’s camp for the Android-based Wear OS may be disappointed: Rumors say that Galaxy Watch will still run Tizen, like Samsung’s other smartwatches.

Bixby is likely to be added, so it’s at least what you’re looking forward to?

Wireless Charger Duo

Photo: Sam Rutherford / Gizmodo

Another product that has been substantially confirmed is a new Samsung wireless charger that can charge two devices simultaneously – seemingly perfect to upload, says a Galaxy Note 9 and a Galaxy Watch?

A Bixby-powered smart speaker

Finally, we come to something like has not completely leaked: Samsung’s long-reputed Bixby powered smart speaker to engage competitors like Amazon’s Alexa devices, Google Home and Apple HomePod. The company has previously confirmed that the device is at work, and a recently reported report from Wall Street Journal claimed that Samsung could report it in the month of 300 USD.

Could Thursday’s event see Bixy’s big entrance in our living room? And what if something has to do with Samsung’s MagBee (magnetic shell bag – no, really!) Brand?


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