Sarah Everard news – Wayne Couzens ‘ARRESTED’ victim in fake covid patrol in order to kidnap, rape and murder her

A MONSTER cop lured Sarah Everard into his car by handcuffing and arresting her on a fake Covid patrol before he raped and murdered her.

Wayne Couzens, 48, snatched the 33-year-old off the streets as she walked home from a friend’s home in Clapham Common, South West London, on March 3.

Harrowing details of Sarah’s murder were revealed for the first time today as the Met Police officer is sentenced for kidnap, rape and murder.

The Old Bailey heard how Couzens used his warrant card to lure Sarah into his car as she walked home by claiming he was on a Covid patrol.

Just five minutes later, terrified Sarah was driven for 80 miles from London to Kent at the start of a “lengthy ordeal” that was to lead “inexorably to her rape and murder”.

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