Sarah Michelle Gellar : the physical evolution of the star of Buffy the vampire

The respite of the vampires will end. Fifteen years after the end of “Buffy against the vampires”, the Slayer will make her return to Sunnydale. The website Deadline announced a few days ago that the us studio 20th Century Fox was preparing the return of Buffy Summers with the creator of the original series Joss Whedon as executive producer, and Monica Owusu-Breen (“Alias”, “Lost”, “Midnight, Texas”), as scriptwriter, executive producer and director. The heroine, embodied at the time by Sarah Michelle Gellar, will be camped by an actress who is black in the new version of the adventures of the huntress of vampires.

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More than a decade has passed since the actress of 41 years old has shelved his piles in the closet, but the character of Buffy it sticks always to the skin. It must be said that the U.s. has all the evil in the world to find a role less important than that of the famous Killer. After the two movies, “Scooby-Doo” and the box office success of the movie “The Grudge” in 2004, its trials following the film have been failures. His last role on the big screen dates back to 2009, in “Veronika decides to die”. After a break in his career the same year to look after her daughter, Charlotte Grace Prinze, the fruit of her union with Freddie Prinze Jr., his return to television has been just as chaotic. His series “Ringer” (2011) was cancelled after one season. Despite a good start, “The Crazy Ones” (2013-2014) experienced the same fate. His role in the series where she played alongside Robin Williams had, however, enable you to obtain a People’s Choice Award in the category of favorite Actress in a new series. Between the filming of “Ringer” and “The Crazy Ones”, she had a second child, Rocky James Prinze, born in 2012.

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In 2017, the actress was to resume her role of Kathryn Merteuil in a series of “Sex Intentions”, after the famous movie of 1999. But the driver turned not having satisfied NBC, the channel decided not to order episodes additional. Sarah Michelle Gellar, also a big fan of cooking, founded Foodstirs, a brand that sells such kits in the kitchen to do dishes himself and is the author of a cookbook, “Stirring up Fun with Food”.

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