Saturday’s London weather forecast — a misty and foggy start with sunshine for the rest of the day

MANY people will wake up to mist and fog on Saturday morning, especially in the outskirts.

This is expected to clear by the afternoon and sunshine is forecast for the rest of the day.

London weather forecast for 7am on Saturday

London weather forecast for 1pm on Saturday

UK outlook for Sunday 21 September to Tuesday 23 October

The north will experience wet and windy conditions on Sunday, with the worst weather in northwest Scotland.

Elsewhere conditions will be largely dry with variable amounts of cloud.

UK outlook for Wednesday 24 October to  Saturday 17 Nov 2018

The north will then experience outbreaks of wind and rain from the middle of next week, with conditions continuing to be changeable with windy weather mixed with brighter and showery spells.

Drier and brighter conditions are likely in the south, particularly in central and southwestern areas of England and Wales.

As November begins conditions will remain unsettled with spells of wet and windy weather. Temperatures will mostly be below normal, with some short mild spells during wet weather.

Friday temperatures for London

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