Will you rise to the challenge makeup Huda Beauty and win $ 5000 ?

BEAUTY – what it is that you buy a number of palettes, and false eyelashes.

In Huda Kattan, crash tests, and other challenges are the daily grind. Between new techniques and crazy products, trends, the designer of the brand of makeup self-titled is one of the people to follow on Instagram (she already has over 26 million subscribers.e.s). Recently, she has decided to revolutionize the morning routine of makeup with its #ElevatorMakeupChallenge. What is the principle ? Doing (and filming) the application of a full makeup in the elevator going from the first to the last floor of a building.

Usually, in the morning, we are not even given the time to trace its line ofeyeliner… but for his challenge, Huda pushes you to do : your complexion, your lips and your eyes. It is what it is ! To motivate you, Huda has set $ 5,000 (approximately 4,300 euros) in game to access training, make-up thrust. So it heats up the cuffs, and we are preparing the phone, no forget to post on Instagram before July 27, 2018 with the famous hashtag #ElevatorMakeupChallenge !

Choosing the right lift to have time to put on makeup

To help you in this task, Grazia makes you a small guide of do’s and don’ts for this challenge ! This is to prevent : the building of the residence, because in addition to bother your neighbours and go for someone out of balance, you will only have a few floors available to you (not terrible). We will choose : tricks such as Montparnasse Tower and the First of The Defence-both of which have fifty floors. You embêterez surely those who are trying to get to the office, but this will be for a good cause !


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