Schoolboy who wrote to Jurgen Klopp asking him to lose some games celebrates as Liverpool’s unbeaten run ends to Watford

THE schoolboy who wrote to Jurgen Klopp asking him to lose some games was jumping for joy after Liverpool succumbed to their first game this season.

Manchester United fan Daragh Curley’s hilarious please to the Anfield boss went viral.

Donegal schoolkid Daragh Curley penned a letter to Jurgen Klopp.
Watford’s Ismalia Sarr celebrates scoring against Liverpool
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Amazingly Klopp replied personally to Daragh saying he could not make his team lose games as he didn’t want to disappoint millions of Liverpool fans around the world.

But just a week after receiving the letter from the German manager, 10-year-old Daragh had his wish granted.

The little Irish lad watched in disbelief as lowly Watford put three goals past the Reds to end their incredible winning streak on Saturday night.

Daragh’s dad Gordon revealed his son was more than a little happy when Liverpool were abruptly stopped in their tracks.


He said: “He had a little jump of joy every time Watford scored alright.”

When it looked like Liverpool were going to suffer a shock defeat the Sky Sports commentator said “the cheeky chappy who wrote to Klopp recently to ask him to lose a few games is just about to have his wish granted.”

Daragh’s dad Gordon added that they had been watching the game on and off on Sky Sports and admitted : “Yeah we heard that alright and had a chuckle.”

Last week, when Daragh hit the headlines he was invited to appear on the Late Late Show in Ireland.


Fellow guest Roy Keane was left floored after asking Daragh what he wanted to be when he grew up only to be told a professional rugby player – despite wearing a Man Utd jersey.

Dad Gordon revealed that Daragh almost missed watching his wish for Liverpool to lose a game because he was watching rugby.

“We only caught bits and pieces of the Liverpool game but we got most of the second half.

“Munster were also on so rugby kind of wins out here. We got all the (Watford) goals live though,” he laughed.

The big test for Daragh will be today when he returns to fifth class at Glenswilly National School to face his classmates – many of whom are Liverpool fans.


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