Scott Disick, 37, reunites with ex Kourtney Kardashian for sons’ birthday as girlfriend Amelia Hamlin, 19, skips bash

SCOTT Disick has reunited with Kourtney Kardashian and her pals to celebrate his sons’ birthday.

The 37-year-old was not joined by new girlfriend, Amelia Hamlin, 19, for the bash to celebrate Mason and Reign, who have the same birth date.

Scott has spent time with his ex to celebrate their kids’ birthday

The KUWTK star and the model have mostly been hanging out at his house “in a bubble” away from his three kids, sources claimed.

But it is thought the pair’s romance is casual, with “Scott and Amelia talking and hanging out, but neither are looking for anything serious.”

However, as Scott reunited with his ex and Kourtney’s new pals Addison Rae, 20, and 27-year-old Spanish singer Rosalia Vila Tobella, Amelia stayed home and enjoyed dinner for one.

The model revealed she had ordered in from Shake Shack and shared video of her indulging in a burger.

Amelia was absent though – at home eating burgers
Scott shared how Kourt had decorated for the boys’ birthday
Reign and Mason were both botn on 14 December

Addison and Rosalia were both on hand to help celebrate[/caption]

Scott shared pictures from inside Kourt’s home, where Mason and Reign both were gifted large balloons that spelled out their name, and revealed they had hired a ramen truck to feed the family.

The father of three also shared a picture of Reign holding a snake, possibly a new addition for to the family for his birthday.

He also shared a fun video of his daughter Penelope with two pals, and cousins North and Saint West, performing a TikTok routine on the staircase.

Addison found fame on TikTok, but has since moved to acting.


The family hired a ramen truck[/caption]


The Karashian-Jenner kids also performed a TikTok routine[/caption]

She will join 41-year-old Kourt in new movie He’s All That, a gender-swapped version of 90s classic She’s All That.

Kourt and Scott dated for over 10 years and welcomed three children, but the pair are now super close and co-parent.

It was recently reported that Kourt “trusts” her ex and the “choices” he makes regarding dating, despite controversial age differences.

“The Kardashians aren’t really talking about Scott & Amelia. It’s not something that’s coming up often in conversation,” the insider disclosed.

The Mega Agency

Kourt and Scott have three children[/caption]


Scott is casually dating Amelia, 19[/caption]

Getty Images – Getty

He recently split from 22-year-old Sofia[/caption]

Scott ended his relationship with 22-year-old Sofia Richie in May of 2020, after three years of dating.

The pair became exclusive when Sofia was 19, similarly to Scott and his new love interest.

The HollywoodLife insider revealed that comparably to Sofia, it will take Kourtney “awhile to warm up to the idea of Amelia, if she sticks around” but “she’s still really new and she trusts Scott to make good choices when it comes to the kids.


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