Drought : restriction of water use in several departments of the West

Measures restricting the use of water have been taken in several departments in western France because of the drought, a-t we learned Tuesday, with the prefectural authorities. The Vendée is strongly affected, with large parts of its territory in a crisis situation (Boulogne, Life-Jaunay and coastal areas come from the vendée) where a total ban on withdrawals of surface water has been put in place. In other areas in external reporting, the samples of surface water are prohibited between 08: 00 and 20: 00. “The situation for the drinking water and groundwater is satisfactory, with, for example, a filling of the dams of drinking water to 90% on average”, however, clarifies the prefecture in a press release.

The prefecture of the Loiret has also announced on Tuesday measures of restriction, for the benefit in particular of the farmers, because “the several streams of the department have crossed thresholds of drought”. “For the general public, the main measures focus on limitations (warning) or a ban (warning strengthened, crisis) watering of lawns, vegetable gardens in the day and the prohibition of filling pools. The filling of the ponds is also prohibited,” said the prefecture.

The Eure-et-Loir is also affected with several sectors in a situation of crisis (in the south-west of the department) or external reporting. The “fall flow” of water “threatens the population of other aquatic species,” said the prefecture in its order of restriction. In the Loir-et-Cher, the watershed of the tributaries of the Loire valley is on alert status, as the south of the Maine-et-Loire.

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