Second England footballer in cocaine shame as FA launches probe into players’ drugs binge

A SECOND England footballer was caught up in a cocaine riddle as the FA launched a probe into a top player’s drugs binge shame.

A woman was offered coke by the footballer’s pals, and watched him popping in and out of the toilet, in the latest incident.

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Another England football player allegedly visited the bathroom several times to snort the class A drug[/caption]

The sozzled Premier League ace was later pulled out of the venue backwards by his belt. The woman told The Sun: “He didn’t know what day it was. He was too drunk to stand and was bumping into people.

“I had been invited to a Christmas party and I knew the footballer would be there. There was a lot of cocaine going around the group and I was offered to do some drugs several times.

“The player was out of control and kept disappearing in and out of the toilets. Everyone seemed to be on cocaine.”

The bash in December happened a day after the star had played a Premier League match.

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The FA has launched a probe into the drug abuse within the team[/caption]

The incident comes after The Sun revealed yesterday that a Prem ace was spotted “doing a line” in the toilets at a separate event.

The millionaire at the centre of our expose has been asked by his club if he has a drug issue.

He has denied any wrong doing and has vowed to clear his name.

A source said: “This is the hot topic of the day. There are some frantic calls and messages doing the rounds. People are closing ranks. The Sun story has caused a stir.”


The player has denied any wrong doings[/caption]

Sources said the star had provided clean samples a day earlier so knew he could snort cocaine without the risk of a test soon afterwards.

The FA can ban players for breaching its social drugs policy.

Repeat offenders can be suspended indefinitely.

Six failed tests for recreational drugs last season but their identities have not been revealed.

FA officials asked for anyone with information on players taking drugs to report it to them or sports body UK Anti-Doping.


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