Selection : accessories to take away for a picnic successful this summer

FOOD – Basket, tablecloths or glasses in the style shifted, ideas, original recipes… Grazia you reviews the trends in the time on Pinterest.

In a park, a garden, a forest, on the beach, at the edge of a lake… picnic invite themselves around and prove to be a good solution to cool off by eating in the open air. In a decor of the most enjoyable (we recommend you the best spots here), there is no such thing as a lunch or dinner to extend the summer days (and feels like a holiday).

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71% des Français organisent des pique-niques l'été.

But for it to be fully successful, it is still necessary not to forget anything. Pinterest is so interested in the phenomenon, whose research has been boosted to 337 % year-over-year. The reason for this ? Internet users are constantly looking for original ideas to combine gastronomy and creativity. Through this result, the social network has issued a list of accessories that offset won’t forget for a picnic successfully.

1/ A original basket

The bag pouf (very practical or you do not want to sit on the floor).

The basket in the shape of a heart for a romantic picnic.

The basket vintage to stay chic.

The basket “fishing net”, stack in the current trend.

2/ accessories don’t forget

The wooden utensils are reusable (we think of the planet).

A picnic tablecloth home-made.

Candles natural to avoid the invasion of mosquitoes.

Sunscreens for sun protection (preferably bio).

Glass jars in which to put a house salad.

Glasses of bamboo.

Racks of wine glasses to avoid any disaster.

3/ The original recipes

The zucchini bread.

Small pizza rolled up.

The fluted basil.

Spring rolls rainbow.

A crumble salé with tomatoes and zucchini.

Flavored water to refresh themselves in a healthy way.


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