Selfish drivers caught out and shamed for their embarrassing parking fails

FINDING a car park can be frustrating process no matter how calm you’re behind the wheel.

Most drivers can admit to bending the rules when trying to secure a spot and will often risk getting a ticket.

Drivers will go to crazy lengths to find a free space
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But these drivers have gone to crazy lengths to make sure they secure a spot when popping into the shops.

From the roof of another car to inside a trolley bay, these motorists think they can leave their car wherever they like.

Scroll through our gallery to see some of the most embarrassing parking fails.

Mini me

This driver made sure there was plenty of room for another car
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Talk about bussed in

These bus drivers were clearly over cars blocking up their lane
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Straight to the top

This woman took parking to a whole new level
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Spot of bother

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It will take a bit of manoeuvring to get out of here[/caption]

Tow idea

Someone’s going to be in trouble when they get back to the station
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Trolly good job

This driver isn’t going anywhere fast
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Truck off

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Just cause you’ve got a 4×4 doesn’t mean you can take four spaces[/caption]

Honey its bee-n a long day

This driver is likely to get stung with more than just a parking fine
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