Serial dog killer hunted on Costa Del Sol after six puppies die in one week bringing death toll to 21

A SERIAL dog killer is being hunted in Brit hotspot Costa del Sol after six puppies died in agony in just one week.

The poisoned pups all passed away last week – bringing the grisly total of dogs killed in the region to 21 in just two years.

Film maker Piers Ashworth on Lake Istan where six dogs died
Suspected poison was found in meat in Marbella

Fifteen dogs died while walking in and around a children’s ­playground in La Campana, while six were killed five miles away in Lake Istan, Mirror reports.

British expats now fear a dog serial killer is on the loose and no longer feel safe walking their pooches on the idyllic Spanish region.

Cops are investigating and it is believed the latest six animals to die were killed by a fast-acting poison hidden in meat treats.

Film writer and ­director Piers Ashworth, who co-wrote new comedy Fisherman’s Friends, is among Brits terrified about walking their dog.

He said: “It’s affecting us all. We don’t know who is next.

“It’s pretty horrifying and weird that someone random is deliberately doing this.”


Philip Rawlings, who moved to Marbella from Essex four years ago, was devastated after his beagle Ruby was poisoned last year.

The 38-year-old dance teacher said the pooch “started walking funny” before vomiting and frothing at the mouth.

He raced her to a nearby vet and she needed an adrenaline shot to restart her heart but thankfully survived.

Mr Rawlings said: “She’s the one that got away. I know she’s had a lucky escape but it has destroyed her health.

“She’s going to have problems for life because of that monster.”


But one British businessman’s beloved Yorkshire terrier wasn’t so lucky and tragically died minutes after eating something at the La Campana playground.

He said: “I rushed him to the hospital after he began having convulsions but it was too late. This is a very sick stunt.”

Mum-of-one Livia, 39, was also heartbroken when her puppy Skye died on the picturesque lake.

While Swedish expat Lars Walkler, who lost his dog Laila in just 15 minutes, said: “My beloved Laila became the sixth ­victim of some evil person’s idea to spread pieces of poisoned meat along the lake.”

A local vet said all the dogs have suffered the same reaction before dying, with autopsies revealing they died of an unidentified poison.

Charity boss Jan Weima, 73, who runs the Triple A animal shelter which is funded by Brit expats, said: “Brits are the biggest ­animal lovers so they will be the most scared.

“There could be a ­madman on the loose.”


Police have now cordoned off the area and a bag of meat found in Lake Istan is being tested by forensic experts.

Some Brits have compared the feared dog killer to the infamous Croydon Cat Killer, who believed to have slaughtered and decapitated hundreds of moggies across London and the South East.

But after a £500,000 hunt, cops ended up fingering foxes for the crime.

Louie Kern, 28, from South London, who has dachshund Elsie, said: “I’m so scared she’s going to be the next.

“The first thing that came to mind when I heard about the killings was the Croydon cat killer.

“But this is the Marbella dog poisoner.”

Piers with his dog Trevor
Livia’s dog Skye was killed
Charity worker Jan Weima says Brits will be most scared


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