Seven huge Emmerdale spoilers for next week including Manpreet’s shocking identity secret

MANPREET Sharma gets an unwelcome blast from the past next week when vicar Charles exposes her shocking identity secret – and addresses her as his dead ex Saira. 

Here’s the lowdown from the Dales…

Charles addresses Manpreet as Saira and says he thought she was dead

1. Manpreet’s shocking identity secret is exposed

Manpreet will be stunned to spot Charles in the village next week and head to the church to confront him after Rishi tells her he’s the new vicar. 

Viewers will then see Charles address Manpreet as Saira and announce he thought she was dead.

Actor Emile John – who plays Charles’ son Ethan in the ITV soap – has revealed that his character considered Manpreet as his mother and was left devastated by her disappearance.

He revealed: “Ethan is aware of the connection between Charles and Manpreet. 

“All the trauma and pain from not one absent mother but two will all come flooding back to him. 

Ethan accuses Luke of lying to Vic about his sexuality

2. Ethan confronts Luke about his sexuality

Ethan accuses Luke of lying about his sexuality to Victoria, but Luke reiterate to Ethan that he isn’t gay.

Viewers will then overcompensate with his affections for Victoria in an attempt to convince her of his feelings. 

Emmerdale fans have been suspicious of Luke right from the start after he was revealed as the brother of Vic’s rapist Lee. 

Does he have ulterior motives for romancing Victoria after all or has he just not told her about his sexuality?

Debbie proposes to Al next week in Emmerdale

3. Debbie plays Al 

Debbie and Priya decide to play Al at his own games next week in Emmerdale as Debbie shocks Al with a proposal

When Al agrees, Priya emerges from the shadows to confront him, and a furious showdown erupts between the trio. 

Al tries to worm his way out of the situation, but he’s well and truly busted. 

Priya and Debbie confront Al for two-timing them

4. Priya and Debbie frame Al 

Viewers will see Priya making a series of mystery bank transfers. 

All becomes clear when Al returns to the HOP Office after his showdown with Priya and Debbie. 

Al is speechless when Kim accuses him of stealing thousands of pounds from the company bank account. 

Debbie and Priya frame Al for stealing from Kim Tate

5. Debbie forces Al to leave

Marlon urges Al to fight for Ellis.

But he’s conflicted when Debbie asks him to stick by her as she tries to force Al to leave the village for good. 

Will Al leave?

Juliette Holliday shows up out of the blue and shocks Jimmy

6. Juliette Holliday returns for Carl 

Jimmy is horrified when Juliette Holliday shows up out of the blue next week – five years after she abandoned her son Carl. 

Emmerdale producer Laura Shaw recently revealed there’s a child kidnap plot on the horizon for Jimmy and Nicola as young Carl is abducted – and that Mandy and Paul will become embroiled in it.

“There’s an upsetting time on the horizon for Jimmy and Nicola, who are going to cross over into the Mandy and Paul storyline in quite a shocking way.

“The audience will see that Jimmy and Nicola are being secretly watched and the couple are going to be frantic when Carl goes missing – who’s taken him?

Does the kidnap have something to do with Juliette?


7. Harriet suffers a breakdown

Harriet tells Charles she’s sick of letting her parishioners down and is throwing in the towel.

Charles tries to talk her out of resigning but his efforts are to no avail – Harriet tells him she’s finished with the church for good. 

Moira sticks her nose in and tells Charles that Harriet isn’t in a state to make such an important decision. 

Will Charles change Harriet’s mind?


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