Sex is a struggle and I worry if we will be able to have a baby


DEAR DEIDRE: MY girlfriend and I long to start a family but I don’t always climax during sex and I am worried sick it’s not going to happen.

She is 32 and I’m 35. We bought a house together two years ago and we are ready for a baby.

When we have sex it is often rushed
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I work shifts as a hospital porter and my girlfriend works full-time in IT.

This means we are often ships that pass in the night and we don’t have the time to have sex very often.

I’m getting more and more worked up about it when I know we’ll be off together, just in case I can’t perform to the end.

What can I do?

DEIDRE SAYS: The first thing to do is try to relax. The stress of it all will be making things worse.

Getting hung up on fertility cycles and whether you will be able to perform takes the fun out of sex.

Look at your shift patterns and get time in the diary each week for sex and just being a couple together.

My e-leaflet for Men Who Can’t Climax explains self-help sex-therapy ideas, while my Want To Have A Baby? e-leaflet outlines how to maximise your odds of conceiving.

Good luck!

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