Sex pest cop gets life ban from police work after coercing female coworkers into romps in patrol cars and police stations

A DETECTIVE inspector has been barred for life from police work after a 14-year campaign of sex assault and harassment against junior officers.

Simon Hurwood, 53, groomed women by bombarding them with explicit messages before coercing them into sex in patrol cars and police stations.

Detective Inspector Simon Hurwood, who has been accused sexual harassment and misconduct at work

He was obsessed with their undies’ colour and urged them to wear white knickers to work.

The dad of four — who even continued his campaign while working in Professional Standards — quit in September.

But a Middlesbrough disciplinary hearing yesterday found him guilty of gross misconduct and issued the life ban. Twice-wed Hurwood, with Cleveland Police since 1991, be­g­an “an unfettered ­pursuit of wo­men” in 2004, the panel heard.

One victim was sent a message saying: “Why sh*g a DC when you can sh*g a DI?”

The dad-of-four denied all the claims

Others received demands for sex pictures and videos. Panel chair Simon Mallett said: “He subjected complainants to sexual misconduct. He took advantage of vulnerable individuals. He has abused his position of trust and power for his personal sexual gratification.”

Hurwood faced allegations from 21 women.

He denied them but was found guilty of gross misconduct in relation to eight and misconduct in eight more. He refused to comment yesterday.


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