Sex-tape of Valbuena: the validity of the survey reviewed the 4 October in Paris

The Paris court of appeal must reconsider the October 4, the validity of the investigation in the case of attempting to blackmail the sex-tape against the footballer Mathieu Valbuena, in which the star of Real Madrid Karim Benzema is under investigation, has learnt on Friday, the AFP several sources. The date of this hearing, is decisive for the future of this procedure to the point of death for nearly two years, was expected since a decision in July 2017 of the Court of cassation, which had found in its favour the attacker in madrid.

The deal, which is worth to Benzema to be dropped from the France team, had begun in June 2015 when Mathieu Valbuena had received a call from a blackmailer alleged threatened to disclose an intimate video and would have asked her to designate a trusted person to negotiate an arrangement. Prevented by Valbuena, the police had then appointed one of its members to assume this role under a false identity.

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The defence for Benzema, who is suspected of having incited Valbuena to pay, has never ceased to denounce this intervention deemed to be unfair : according to it, the investigator encouraged the commission of the offence, in particular to have suggested the payment of a ransom. She had then challenged the validity of the statement before the court of appeal of Versailles. In vain: it had validated the investigations in December 2016.

A complaint for “forgery and use of forgery”

Karim Benzema and his childhood friend Karim Zenati, also indicted, had referred the case to the Court of cassation, which, on July 11, 2017, has cancelled this decision in versailles, and asked the chamber of the instruction of Paris to rule again. If the magistrates parisians followed the Court of cassation, the main consequence could be the cancellation of telephone tapping, which constitute the main evidence against Benzema and the other suspects.

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The procedure would be so “very weakened”, but not necessarily void in its entirety, according to a source close to the folder. The survey had identified the brains suspected of the company of blackmail, Mustapha Zouaoui and Axel Angot, which revolve for years around the footballers, as well as the raven is presumed that Younès Houass.

Mustapha Zouaoui and Axel Angot are suspected of having attempted to pass, as soon as may 2015, by the ex-French international Djibril Cissé, who had informed Valbuena of noise about this video and was finally indicted in February 2017. The two friends had then turned to Younis Houass, and then to Karim Zenati, childhood friend of Karim Benzema, so that the Real Madrid striker pushes Valbuena to pay. Only one to have been in telephone contact with the police, Younes Houass has filed a complaint against him in February at Versailles for “forgery and use of forgery”, announced to the AFP his lawyer Me Samim Bolaky. The raven presumed, who proclaimed his innocence, accuses the interviewer of having reconnected with him after about a month of silence, for the push to commit a crime. To defend themselves from such an initiative, capable of vitiating the procedure, the police officer has on file a SMS which have been sent by Mr. Houass, what he is disputing, denouncing a fake.

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