Sex-text MP Andrew Griffiths reported to cops for ‘harassing former partner he cheated on five years ago’

SEX-TEXT MP Andrew Griffiths was reported to police after he was accused of harassing a former girlfriend he allegedly cheated on.

The 47-year-old – who sent more than 2,000 sexual messages to two barmaids – has been accused of being unfaithful to his former partner of seven years.

Andrew Griffiths, 47, Conservative MP for Burton & Uttoxeter, sent her over 2000 text messages
Andrew Griffiths sent more than 2,000 lewd messages to two barmaids

According to the Sunday Mirror, she reported him to cops and claimed that he was harassing her after they broke up in 2013.

It is claimed she told officers at a Central London police station that he followed her and staged “accidental” meetings.

Police were allegedly ready to question Griffiths – who was with the woman for seven years – but she withdrew the complaint because of his Westminster connections.

A spokesman for the MP for Burton and Uttoxeter said the allegations were “never put to him”.

Imogen Treharne, 28, was one of the women he was texting

He told the paper: “Mr Griffiths has never engaged in any harassment or abusive conduct.

“These allegations were never put to him at the time and he has had no contact from the police.”

Married Griffiths has already resigned as Small Business minister after the text scandal came to light.

He said in the explicit messages that he wanted to be referred to as “Daddy” by the female constituents and asked the pair to send him sex videos.

Barmaid Imogen Treharne, 28, said he made her feel “dirty” and that she was being used for his “gratification”.

Griffiths, 47, lives at home in Burton with his wife Kate

Griffiths issued an apology for the texts and said he was “deeply ashamed” and was seeking professional help.

He is now facing demands to step down as a local MP and Imogen has complained to the Conservative Party’s Code of Conduct disciplinary body on Saturday.

Griffiths has referred himself to the body and has not been seen at the family home in Burton, Staff, all week.

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  1. Throughout the trial, the accused, who remained motionless and sounded on his bench, denied any involvement. “Mr. Kulik, I’m innocent, I swear I wasn’t there,” he said, his voice strangled by tears, after the pleadings of his lawyers.

    “It is quite clear that Mr. Bardon attempted suicide (…) He had repeatedly indicated to relatives that he would not tolerate going back to prison,” his lawyer Stéphane Daquo told AFP, who announced on Friday his intention to appeal, assuring “not to understand” the Court’s decision.

    Calling on the jurors not to base their conviction on “a mere impression”, he had methodically detailed all the “flaws” in the investigation, also criticising the “incompetence” and “hacks” of some investigators during the hearings. Marc Bailly, another defence lawyer, denounced a “trial of intuition, rumours, gossip”, an accusation based on “a sand castle”.

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