Sex toys, handcuffs… 15 accessories sexy to spice up your lovemaking

And if you were to invite a sex toy under your duvet ? There are – almost – as much toys naughty adult only couples in the universe !

In bulk, these include stimulators clitorial (which, as their name implies, stimulate the clitoris), the vibrators (vibrate and stimulate both the G-spot and the clitoris at the woman), dildo (that does not vibrate and that can find her G spot), the wands (which stimulate the clitoris)…

In men, we think of the cockring (a penis ring which prolongs the erection), the masseur prostate (a sex-toy anal, vibrating or not, that stimulates the prostate), anal plug (does not vibrate)… there’s something for all tastes !

Break the routine with an accessory rogue

If sex-toys, this is not really your cup of tea, other accessories can also spice up your hugs : think about the massage oils (some of which are edible!), the handcuffs and the blindfolds (to test the SM soft how 50 shades of Grey with Baby), to whips, to costumes, to jewelry for the body… and to the sexy lingerie, of course !

The objective of these accessories rascals : to break the routine. In effect, the habits fixed, and the mechanical acts strongly affect the libido of the couple… until the choke fully. It is, therefore, to bring a new breath in the matrimonial room, with a new experience !

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