Sheryl Crow admits she saw Michael Jackson doing ‘really strange things’ when she worked as his backing singer in the 80s

SHERYL Crow has admitted she saw some “really strange” things while working as a backing singer for alleged paedophile Michael Jackson.

The country star, 57, who was a backing singer on Jackson’s globetrotting Bad tour in the 1980s, said she had a lot of questions about his behaviour.

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Sheryl Crow, left, with Jackson performing at Wembley Stadium in London in 1988, admits she saw some ‘really strange’ things on the Bad tour[/caption]

Speaking with The Telegraph, Sheryl admitted she hadn’t watched the sensational documentary Leaving Neverland in which the Thriller star was accused of being a serial child molester.

She said: “I haven’t seen the documentary and I don’t want to see it.

“I was around for some things that I thought were really strange and I had a lot of questions about.”

Sheryl, whose solo career exploded in the 1990s, performed the song I Just Can’t Stop Loving You on the tour with Michael and even appeared in the music video for Dirty Diana.

Despite being “starstruck” by the superstar, earlier this month she revealed she’s always had suspicions about the Thriller singer’s fascination with children – even back when she was part of his 1987-89 show.

It led her to question why the parents of James Safechuck – who was just nine when he joined the world tour as a dancer – let him spend so much time with Jackson.

In an interview with The Guardian published on Saturday, Crow, 57, said: “I happened to turn on CNN the morning after the first half [of Leaving Neverland] aired.

“They showed clips of the young man who was on the Jackson tour with us and it made me… I mean, I still feel really…”

[James Safechuck] was a great kid and the whole time he was with us – which was the better half of an 18-month tour – I always wondered: ‘What in the world are his parents doing?’, you know?

Sheryl CrowPop star

After trailing off, she added: “It’s like a death in the family, you know? It’s sad.

“[James Safechuck] was a great kid and the whole time he was with us – which was the better half of an 18-month tour – I always wondered: ‘What in the world are his parents doing?’, you know?”

Leaving Neverland aired over two nights in March and detailed the shocking allegations of two men who say Jackson sexually abused them as kids.

The stomach-churning testimonies of Safechuck and fellow accuser Wade Robson stunned the world and led many of the late icon’s biggest fans to ditch him.


All I Wanna Do singer Sheryl said the harrowing allegations of child rape and manipulation unearthed in the doc left her angry.

She railed against the “network” of cronies surrounding Jackson who she claimed were “complicit” in his alleged warped perversions.

Crow added: “I think that there were a lot of exceptions made because of the damage that [Jackson] … I mean, he didn’t intentionally project it, but it was part of his aura – this almost being untouchable and almost alien-like [figure].

“And, yeah, I mean, I’m sad, and I’m mad at a lot of people.

“I feel like there was just a huge network of people that allowed all that to go on. It’s just tragic.”

The King of Pop, who died in 2009 of a drug overdose, strongly denied all allegations of sexual abuse made against him.

And his estate has vehemently denounced the documentary as a cruel “character assassination”.

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Sheryl Crow slammed the parents of Jackson accuser James Safechuck and the star’s cronies for being ‘complicit’ in his alleged abuse[/caption]

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Sheryl Crow, 57, toured with Michael Jackson in the 1980s[/caption]

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Wade Robson, five, shaking hands with Michael Jackson when they met in Australia. Robson also went on to allege that the star abused him[/caption]

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Wade Robson, left, James Safechuck, right, and Leaving Neverland director Dan Reed[/caption]

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