Shirley Valentine cast – from Pauline Collins, Alison Steadman and Tom Conti to Joanna Lumley and Julia McKenzie

SHIRLEY Valentine was one in all the foremost painting romantic films of the Eighties.

A woman ditches European nation for sunny Balkan country and goes in search of affection. Here’s the solid that brought the story to life.

Shirley Valentine is an 80s romance movie

Who is in the cast of the Shirley Valentine film?

The movie was released in 1989 and is about a woman called Shirley Valentine who ditches her mundane life and boring husband for a life and a new lover in Greece.

The main cast was:

Pauline Collins as Shirley Valentine

Pauline, 77,  is an English stage, TV and film actress.

She shot to fame playing Sarah Moffat in Upstairs, Downstairs (1971–73) and its spin-off, Thomas & Sarah (1979).

Pauline is best known for playing Shirley Valentine.

She first played the role on the stage and won an Olivier Award in 1988.

She then took on the role for the film and received Golden Globe and Oscar nominations.

Pauline Collins played the starring role of Shirley Valentine
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Alison Steadman as Jane

Alison,  71, was born in Liverpool on August 26, 1946 and is an English actress.

She is known for her work on film and TV, which included the hit 90s BBC series Pride & Prejudice.

More recently Alison is known for playing Pamela Shipman on Gavin & Stacey.

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Alison Steadman played Pauline’s main co-star – Shirley’s friend Jane[/caption]

Tom Conti as Costas

Tom, 76, is a Scottish actor, theatre director and novelist.

He is known for his theatre and film work, but he also starred in Friends.

After starring in the Broadway hit Whose Life Is It Anyway?, Tom won a Tony Award for Best Actor in a Play.

Tom Conti played Costas – Shirley’s love interest

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Joanna Lumley as Marjorie

Joanna, 72, is an English actress, voice-over artist, former model, author and activist.

She started off her career as a model in the ’60s, but soon turned her hand to TV and film.

She is now one of Britain’s most famous actresses and is best known for playing the drunken Patsy in Absolutely Fabulous.

Joanna Lumley played Marjorie in the film

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Julia McKenzie as Gillian

Julia, 77 is an English actress, singer, presenter, and theatre director.

She is best known for her BAFTA Award nominated role as Hester Fields in the sitcom Fresh Fields (1984–86).

More recently she is known for playing Miss Marple in ITV’s Agatha Christie’s Marple (2008–13).






Who else starred in Shirley Valentine?

  • Bernard Hill as Joe
  • George Costigan as Dougie
  • Gillian Kearney as Young Shirley
  • Sylvia Syms as Headmistress






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