Shocked dad & son film ’10 dancing UFO’s’ above their home as he claims sighting has made him a ‘believer’

A MISSISSIPPI father and son have captured a spate of unidentified flying objects “dancing” above their home on film.

David Howell and his son James were left gobsmacked after spotting at least 10 bright orbs scattered across the sky in Southaven on Sunday evening.


The Howell’s shared the footage they recorded of the unidentified orbs in the sky[/caption]

James rushed to record the interesting incident, and is heard on the footage exclaiming: “No kidding y’all. What are these? Those are not planes. They keep coming over the treeline.”

Conferring with his father, he continues: “Dad, they keep coming down here. There comes some more.

“Wow. Oh my goodness dude. What are these? That is something else,” he excitedly announced.

David shared the spooky video of the illuminated sky, suggesting the unidentified objects could be of extraterrestrial activity.

“Everything went through mind. Is this UFOs or aliens? One of them was a lot bigger than than the other nine.


James Howell spotted the shocking display of lights above his home in Mississippi[/caption]


David Howell said the incident has made him find it “hard to believe we are alone”[/caption]

“They were going north, northwest and they would change positions, you know,” he explained.

The Howell family home is situated close to Memphis International Airport, who have declined to comment on the curious occurrence.

Southaven Police added they did not receive any other reports regarding the stunning display in the night sky.

The father and son said they were amazed nobody else spotted the lights.

“I can’t believe nobody else got video or called and said, hey, we see something. It’s kind of strange,” David continued.

Despite the lack of detail on the matter, the Howell’s now think it is “hard to believe we are alone.”

“I just think the universe is so big why would God only make us? I don’t know but that’s my thought,” the father said.

The source of the extraordinary sighting is still unclear, although WREG continues to explore the possibility they were drones or decorative lanterns.


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