Shocking moment 225lb guard ‘body-slams girl, 11, for shoplifting socks’ at Boston Primark store

THIS is the shocking moment a 225lb security guard appears to body-slam an 11-year-old girl who allegedly shoplifted socks at a Primark store in Boston.

Harrowing footage posted on social media shows burly Mohammad Khan, 36, apparently pummelling helpless Leeajah Williams.

WCVB News / Facebook

Harrowing footage posted to Facebook appeared to show a security guard body-slamming an 11-year-old before punching and choking her[/caption]

WCVB News / Facebook

Mohammad Khan, 36, has been charged with assault over the incident at Primark in Boston, Massachusetts[/caption]

The child – who is said to admit trying to steal socks – was left bruised and swollen from the brutal seven-minute encounter in June.

Video of the alleged brawl reemerged on Tuesday as Khan was charged with assault and battery on a child under 14.

He and his employer – New Jersey-based Securitas Security Services USA – were also indicted by a grand jury on civil rights violations.

In the video, Khan is seen wrestling Leeajah to the ground after he caught her lifting a pack of socks and trying to walk out of the budget clothing store.


Leeajah’s mom Sherrice Williams shared photos of her daughter – who she says admits trying to steal clothing worth about $175 – with bruises and a swollen lip.

Prosecutors cannot bring charges against the girl under state laws because of her age, according to the Boston Globe.

Sherrice also claimed her daughter has been left so traumatised by the violent clash on June 9 that she is undergoing counselling.

The mother told WCVB News: “She stole a pack of socks, was walking out the door and a guy grabbed her and threw her against the wall – the security guard.

“She was screaming, ‘Get off of me!’

“She didn’t know who he was because he wasn’t dressed in any type of security clothing, so she thought he was just a random man grabbing her.”


Leeajah Williams, 11, suffered bruises and a swollen lip from the alleged clash, her mother said[/caption]


The girl has undergone counselling since her ordeal after admitting shoplifting, her mom said[/caption]

A 6ft 1in Khan dragged his alleged victim into a corner of the store to avoid cameras before punching, choking and leaping on her, authorities said.

The guard – who was also revealed as a special part-time police officer – is said to have ignored the pleas of his security colleagues and customers.

He even reignited the brawl with the girl after being separated by Boston Police officers, according to the indictment.


Securitas Services USA tells employees not to touch any customers – even those suspected of shoplifting, WCVB reported.

And according to the Globe, Khan had previously been hauled before bosses four times for violating protocol and using excessive force.

Suffolk District Attorney Rachael Rollins said: “The Boston Police were exemplary in de-escalating the situation when they arrived, and the other Securitas employees in the store behaved appropriately during the encounter.

“Being a Special Police Officer allows someone the power of arrest, but with that power comes great responsibility.

“I applaud the vast majority of Boston Police officers and SPOs who behave professionally and with restraint.”

Khan is scheduled to be arraigned December 17 in Suffolk Superior Court.


Mom Sherrice Williams said her daughter admitted trying to steal clothes worth around $175[/caption]

AP:Associated Press

The Primark store in Boston, which opened in 2015[/caption]


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