Shocking moment customer punches and kicks chicken shop worker as laughing accomplice films the attack

THIS is the shocking moment a customer brutally punches and kicks a chicken shop worker as his laughing friend films the attack.

In the disturbing footage, the youth suddenly slaps the worker and pins him to the wall in the fast food restaurant.

The youth was filmed punching the man inside the chicken shop
The pair squared up to each other inside the shop

He then proceeds to savagely punch and kick the chicken shop worker in the face.

As the employee recoils in pain, the cameraman cackles with excitement while he records the assault on his phone.

It is unknown where and why the incident took place but the footage appears to have originally been published on Snapchat.

The video is believed to have been filmed recently and the viral clip has since been shared across social media.

What’s up with your face? What’s up with your face?

Chicken shop customer

The grainy footage – which seems to have been filmed by the customer’s friend – begins by showing the customer leaning over the chicken shop counter and squaring up to the employee.

He can be heard mockingly asking the worker: “What’s up with your face? What’s up with your face?”

Then out of nowhere, the customer slaps the employee across his face – which prompts his co-conspirator cameraman to squeal in delight.


The angered chicken shop worker tries to retaliate and moves to the restaurant floor to face off the customer.

But the youth starts repeatedly punching the employee in the head so that he recoils in pain. A female co-worker can be screaming in horror at the scene.

The customer shouts at victim “Are you f***ing mad? Let go of my s**t! Let go of my f***ing s**t!”

The patron pulls the employee to the ground by the scruff of his neck and then proceeds to viciously kick him in the head and chest.

Nonetheless the furious customer screams at the chicken shop worker: “You f***ing d***head! Why you ripping my stuff for!”

Social media users have condemned the customer in the shocking clip.

@alihoward99 described him as a “low life piece of s**t” – whilst @nmelines dubbed the customer a “bully”.

Meanwhile @jesptl wrote: “Man’s just trying to earn a living on minimum wage and gets beaten. Beaten by a guy who probably couldn’t even get a job in a chicken shop”.

He also kicked him during the fight which was filmed on a smartphone

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