Shocking moment two road rage women brawl in the street as a little boy pleads for them to stop

SHOCKING video shows two road-rage women brawling in the street – as one of their young sons begs them to stop.

A Jaguar driver and an Audi owner fall onto the floor as they grapple, with the little lad left screaming in the background.

Two women were filmed wrestling in the road as a young boy begs his mum to stop after a road rage clash

The shocking scenes were filmed in Northampton’s A5123 in Northampton at around 3pm on Tuesday, by dad-of-one John Panayis.

It has been shared 400 times on Facebook.

Witnesses said the women started brawling after the Jaguar slammed on its breaks in the middle of the road to confront the Audi behind.

The driver of the latter was heard accusing the other woman of “cutting her up”.

The pair were spotted exchanging blows in Northampton
The feud started with one claiming the cut her up

They then start wrestling in the road as traffic stops around them.

A young boy can be seen trying to hold his mum back, as the other says out loud “I’m f****g late.”

The boy can be heard saying: “Mum, please come on let’s go.”

A man in the background shouts “get back in your car” before he wanders over to break up the row.

The little lad can be heard begging his mum to leave
A Good Samaritan steps in and breaks up the ugly scenes


The brawl brought traffic to a stand-still at 3pm on Tuesday[/caption]

John told Idiot UK Drivers Exposed: “Both women had their children in the cars at the time.

“This is what the world has clearly come to sadly. You can hear one of the kids screaming telling the woman to stop.

He added: “Hopefully, the police will deal with it and tell them both off for behaving like this In front of their children”.

People were quick to slam the brawling pair.

One wrote: “Absolute disgusting excuses for women. Listen to that poor kid screaming mum. What an example to her kids.”

Another posted: ” This wants handing to social services. Leaving the kids on their own in a car in the middle of an active carriageway? I think that counts as reckless endangerment.”

A viewer fumed: “How any parent could have such blatant disregard for their child’s safety is beyond me.”

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