Shoppers mock Vetements’ £790 white top that’s covered in scribbles and joke it ‘looks just like a school leavers shirt’

THEY’RE the sentimental shirts we scribble all over during our emotional last day of school.

But while we’d long parted ways with our old leavers shirts (*sobs*), it turns out that the tatty throwback garments have now become the height of fashion… BBF pledges and all.

This unisex 100 per cent cotton shirt is covered in French, German, Arabic and LATIN scribbles[/caption]

  • Vetements Scribble-Print Cotton Shirt, £790 from Matches Fashion – buy now

French designer Vetements is currently selling what they describe as a “scribble-print cotton shirt” for the eye-watering price of £790.

Complete with “notes of encouragement” scrawled in French, German, Arabic and – bizarrely enough – Latin, this crisp white shirt even has a “Class of 2029” emblazoned on the back.

Available in sizes XS to L, this unisex 100 per cent cotton garment even has the suitably teen angsty “there will always be Paris” slogan written along the bottom,

And considering how this extremely “fashun” item is making us pine for our noughties collection of felt tip pens, it’ll come as no surprise that shoppers have been likening the new Vetements design to their old school leavers shirts.

Bizarrely, the shirt even has ‘class of 2019’ written on the back[/caption]

Would YOU fork out £790 for a fake leavers shirt?[/caption]

Sharing the bonkers design with her 48,000 Twitter followers, fashion blogger Olivia Purvis wrote: “Excuse me whilst I now sell my year 6 leavers shirt…”

Making fun of the ridiculous garment, another user replied: “I have a year 6, year 11 AND year 13 shirt, I can make some serious money.”

Similarly, a third joked: “I’ve got my year 6 and year 11 leavers shirts and they’re both from the last decade so they’re vintage af, I’m gonna make a fortune.”


Fashion blogger Olivia Purvis shared the bonkers design with her 48,000 followers[/caption]


Another user joked about how they could ‘make some serious money’[/caption]

But what’s even more bonkers than the fact Vetements is effectively making a fortune out of something most of us already own?

The fact that the sizes are selling out fast.

If you need us, we’ll just be rooting around our parents basements for primary school things…

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