Shot cyclist who raped sister whinged he wanted to go partying in Ibiza in letter from jail after he was locked up for punching his ex

SHOT cyclist Mark Sutton moaned about being stuck in prison and said he wished he could party in Ibiza after he was locked up for punching an ex in the face.

The fiend – who we revealed raped and beat his young sister – whinged in a letter home to mum Katrina from HMP Cardiff.

Katie Toghill
Katie joined the Army at 17 as a medic
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He was serving a six-month sentence for battering an ex-girlfriend, shattering her cheekbone and injuring her eye.

Sutton wrote in one letter home: “Oh well it’s the middle of May and I should be sitting on a nice hot beach with wicked mates and wicked nightclubs on a gorgeous beach in Spain but I’m stuck here instead”.

Sutton said he wanted to save some “decent money” so he can go and live in Ibiza and “concentrate on my DJ-ing”.

He also said he “can’t wait to get back on my decks”.

Mark Sutton
Mark Sutton was a mountain bike enthusiast in his new life in France

Sutton signs of the letter “with lots of love” to his mum and sisters but tellingly doesn’t mention Katie at all.

Violent Sutton was jailed in 2007 for punching an ex-girlfriend who he met after moving to Ibiza aged 18.

The pair returned to the UK and lived in Preston while she was at university, but during a row he punched her in the face.

He fled without his shoes but was arrested the next day and jailed for six months.

It was after he was freed from prison that his sister Katie confronted him about the abuse and he fled abroad.

After he was shot dead by a hunter in France, his sister Katie Toghill, 32, bravely told how he abused and beat her for years at their childhood home.

In Sutton’s letter he talks about going to Ibiza on his release

Katie had by this time joined the army as a medic and was on home on leave when she found her brother rummaging through her suitcase.

She told The Sun last week: “My underwear was being flung everywhere and it creeped me out and I snapped.

“He wanted to know what I was wearing under my clothes and it felt like he was undressing me again.

“I just burst out and told mum what he had done to me for all those years. He ran upstairs to his room.”

Mark Sutton
Mark, Katie and mum Katrina in their last photo together before Mark fled to Ibiza
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Mum Katrina said Sutton was “cowering in the corner, sobbing and whimpering”.

“He sat there rocking back and forth like a caged animal not saying anything,” she said.

“But he never denied it. I never came across anything like this. There had never been anything like that in my family. Why would you look at your kids and think that?”

Sutton fled back to Ibiza before travelling through Asia then moving to France.

He was never seen again by Katie or his mum.

Sutton, who ran a vegetarian restaurant in ski resort Les Gets, was gunned down by a hunter who mistook him for a deer.

Katie said she was “glad he’s dead” and Katrina called him a “monster”, but his dad John defended him and called the rape claims “lies”.

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