Should schools scrap A-F grades?

Shelly Horton

By Shelly Horton14 hours in the past

There’s nothing extra terrifying than a giant pink F on a faculty examination paper.

Well that concern may be a factor of the previous with the Australian Council for Educational Research is asking for an overhaul of the education system.

The proposal is to scrap A-F grades. 

They counsel college students ought to be taught in line with their potential reasonably than their age and standard efficiency instruments corresponding to A-to-F grades.

They need college reviews to be scrapped underneath a proposal to re­outline what it means to achieve success within the classroom.


The authorities is lukewarm concerning the thought saying, by basing evaluation on particular person progress it ignores the truth that college students should be ranked towards different college students by way of potential and efficiency. 

Being ranked towards classmates prepares you for the way you may be ranked within the exterior world.

To me shedding the A-F rating is one other case of scholars being handled like particular snowflakes and never getting ready them for the truth of life.

The 9Honey superstars Kerri Elstub, Jane de Graaff and Jo Abi didn’t essentially agree with me, as you’ll see within the video above.

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