Shower Thoughts are a real mind f*ck! (20 Photos)

  Why funny? Because people believe in the truthfulness of funny information. People Read newspaper for updated news which they can’t get due to busy life style and more for the new product offer, new schemes offered by nearby vendors. Most of the people prefer news photo paper to get new product information and good buying opportunity and also for news update. Most of the Business organization used this media to promote their product or services because funny pic are inexpensive advertising medium which covers a lot of customers quickly and having good impact on the customer regarding truthfulness which gives them good returns. It’s also a good way to share the announcement which spreads quickly to desire part of society. Link

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  1. pff Whether she can sing or dance…that’s another topic But the clip hasn’t been banned where i live. Says more about those who banned it than about those who are watching it…lol. Ppl plz freedom of speech etc. etc.
    Btw I live in Belgium

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