Sickening moment laughing teen thugs shoot helpless wallaby leaving it fighting for its life

A WALLABY is fighting for its life after being shot by a gang of laughing youngsters.

The thugs even filmed the terrified animal as it desperately tried to hop away.

A wallaby has been left fighting for its life after being shot by a gang of teen thugs near Windsor Castle
The gang of thugs aged around 15 started firing lead shots at it with catapults, causing it to tumble to the ground

Police officers managed to capture the wounded creature but vets fear its chance of survival is “just 50-50”.

The wallaby had been resting near a children’s playground in Datchet, Berks. It is not known where it came from but escaped wallabies survive well in the English countryside.

However, as it lay on the grass, a gang of five lads aged around 15 — also suspected of killing swans — started firing lead shots at it with catapults.

Shocking footage shows the wallaby tumbling to the ground as a man encourages the boys to “kill it”.

He then says: “He’s shot the kangaroo. The lead shot busted it. Kill it boys, it’s wicked.”


Several voices can be heard goading the panicked animal, which is seen thrashing around as it tries to flee.

A source said: “At first the lads thought it was a hare which was lying down on the floor, so they shot it.

It’s jumped up and started running off, but then it started falling over. This video was in a group chat so the gang that did it could show off.”

Another resident said at the scene near Windsor Castle: “There is a group of young lads that are known for hurting animals.

“Last month they kicked a seagull like a football in front of everyone. It died 15 minutes later.


“These young kids have catapulted all of the windows of the youth club and pelted cars.

“Anything that flies will be shot at — they’ve even killed swans.”

Police and wildlife experts went to the scene on Wednesday and found the wallaby cowering in bushes.

After the animal was caught, it was driven to Specialist Wildlife Services, a centre that treats exotic animals, near Heathrow.

Matthew Ford, who works for the firm, wrote online: “It is currently resting, but there is a 50 per cent chance it will die from stress.

“The wallaby is up and eating, but in a really bad way and seems to have a neurological problem.

“It will be assessed regularly over the next few days and hopefully it will pull through.”

A Thames Valley Police spokesman said: “The wallaby was safely recovered and is now in the care of wildlife experts.”


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A lad is caught on camera as the wallaby lays wounded on the ground
Defeated, it was left fighting for its life, before being scooped up by police
The animal was driven to Specialist Wildlife Services
Wallabies usually survive well in the English countryside and a population was established in the UK around 1940
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