Single mum-of-four on benefits ‘can’t afford’ to pay her energy bill – but still goes clubbing and gets her nails done every month

“I WORK all month so why shouldn’t I?” says 33-year-old single mum-of-four Jo as she splashes out to get her brows done, despite struggling to pay bills.

Jo, who works part-time as a health care manager, often treats herself to get her nails and brows done each month and to go clubbing – despite being behind on payments.

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Jo is a single mum to twin boys Isaac and Zachery, one, Gabriel, two, and Oliver, 12[/caption]

Jo lives in Knowsley, Liverpool, known by locals as the “capital of single mums”, where there are plenty of men but they claim they don’t need them, boldly proclaiming the opposite sex is just too much drama.

In Channel 5’s Spray Tan Mums: Single & Proud, Jo reveals that she’s been slapped with a £990 bill from the energy company and she hasn’t got the cash to pay.

Jo looks after twin boys Isaac and Zachery, one, and Gabriel, two, who all have the same dad who she split from six months ago, and Oliver, 12, from a previous partner.

The struggling mum admits: “Finances have been a nightmare. To work you need the children to be in nursery.

Channel 5

In Spray Tan Mums: Single & Proud, Jo reveals that she been slapped with a £990 bill from the energy company[/caption]

Channel 5

Jo reveals she hasn’t got the cash to pay up and isn’t sure what to do[/caption]

“You’ve got a car, the house has got to be heated so the bills are astronomical.

“So they sent me the letter and I sent it back to say ‘I’m disputing your claim completely’.

“They’ve sent me a letter here to say they haven’t received it so they’ve gone against me. So now they are saying they want £990. Kiss my a***.

“They want it to be paid in seven days. I’m not paying, I haven’t got it. I’ll have to phone them, but I’m not happy.”

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In the show, Jo says the energy company can ‘kiss her arse’[/caption]

In Knowsley three out of every five families has a single parent. But the impressive single mums who live there have each other – to laugh, cry and get by as shown in the series.

The skint mum, who gets tax credits, relays her troubles to fellow single mum Danielle, who works part time as beautician and does Jo’s brows.

Although she doesn’t have the cash for the bill, Jo seems fine to fork out for beauty maintenance, including her nails each month.

Channel 5

Single mum and beautician Danielle comes round to do Jo’s brows amid the drama[/caption]

Jo said: “Can’t wait for my brows to look better. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes I’ll go ‘no I will go get my brows done or nails or my whatever.’

“I think I work all month so why shouldn’t I?

“Those are the little things, I might be sat in the house but those are the things that make me feel better about me.”

Danielle is on hand to offer some words of advice, and says she should accept the fact that the bill has to be paid.

The single mum-of-three said: “You’ve just got to look on the bright side because there’s always a f***ing bill. You’ve always got to pay your bill.”

Danielle replied: “You are always biting your tail. You’ve got your bills. Trying to do all that on your own and working, I sometimes think I’m working for nothing.

“You’ll have a few when you are late on things.”

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Single mum Danielle advises that Jo should just pay her bill[/caption]

Thankfully, all hope is not lost as Jo’s parents dig deep to save the day and clear the payment for her.

Mum Chris said: “You are on your own with four kids and heating a three-bedroom house, it’s going to be a lot isn’t it.

“What can you do, I can’t see you with no heating and no food for you and the kids?”

Grateful Jo gushed: “You do buy the clothes, the food, pay my bills sometimes, lend me money.”

Channel 5

Jo’s mum Chris saves the day and pays the £990 bill[/caption]

To which the generous mum said: “Well it’s got to be done love doesn’t it. I’m glad that I’m able to do it.”

Jo admits she’d be “screwed” without her parents help, and it helps her “get more even.”

The single mum said: “There comes a point in your life when you think ‘fricking hell’ I don’t want to be asking them. I don’t want to be struggling for them to have to do it.”

Mum Chris is on hand to help even more, as Jo wants to hit the town with a pal to go clubbing and needs someone to look after the kids.

Channel 5

Jo celebrates the bill being paid by having a night clubbing with a friend[/caption]

Channel 5

The mum downed shots with a pal and said she needed the break[/caption]

Channel 5

The single mum hits the dancefloor before downing cocktails[/caption]

Jo said: “I can’t wait. This is the first night in a long time where tomorrow I don’t have to get up with four children.

“Mum, what doesn’t she do for me? Everything. If I want a night out she’ll come and have the children so I can have a night out.

“She literally does everything.”

After downing shots and hitting the dance floor, Jo said: “You’ve just got to go and have a laugh and be wild. Play big or go home isn’t it.”

The series follows other single mums as they share an insight into their lives keeping up with the demands of their kids as well as making time for themselves.

Channel 5’s Spray Tan Mums: Single & Proud airs on Thursday at 9pm

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