Single-use, gammon and gaslight are among the top buzzwords of 2018

THE word of the year was yesterday revealed as “single-use” by experts.

The plastics-related term has seen a four-fold rise in usage since 2013.

Word Of The Year ‘single-use’ refers to plastic products meant to be used once
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“Single-use” refers to plastic products, which are made to be used only once before they are thrown away.

Other buzzwords now part of the language include the sex harassment campaign “MeToo”.

“Gaslight” — the psychological manipulation of lovers — and the middle-aged white Brexit fan insult “gammon” also make the list.

Brexit jargon “backstop” has seen an increase in use in reference to what might happen with the Irish border once the UK leaves the EU.

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‘Gammon’, the slur for middle-aged white Brits who back Brexit, is in 2018’s top buzzwords[/caption]

Other words include “plogging”- jogging and picking up litter at the same time – and “vegan“, which has become “increasingly mainstream”.

VAR” gets a mention, (for the video assistant referee, in sports), as does “floss”, the victory dance and playground craze.

They will be entered into and considered for future print editions.


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