Sir John Major steps up calls for second EU referendum saying another vote is ‘morally justified’

SIR John Major stepped up calls for a second EU referendum yesterday – claiming another vote is “morally justified”.

He predicted Britain will “crash out without a deal” because hardline Brexiteers would refuse to back Theresa May’s soft Brexit plans.

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Sir John Major has stepped up calls for a second EU referendum – saying it is ‘morally justifiable’[/caption]

He said a second referendum would be “morally justified” because the “people who have least are going to be hurt most”.

His call for a another vote directly contradicts his comments before the June 2016 referendum, when he said a second vote wouldn’t be “politically credible” adding: “If we vote to stay out, then we are out and we will have to get on with it.”

But yesterday Europhiles jumped on his rallying cry – with senior Tory rebel Dominic Grieve telling Sky News that a second referendum “may be the only solution”.

In an interview on the Andrew Marr Show yesterday Sir John sneered at Brexit voters by saying the “pie in the sky” arguments in favour of leaving were as credible as believing the “earth is flat”.


The former PM said believing pro-Brexit arguments is like believing ‘the earth is flat’[/caption]

Asked if he backed a second referendum, Sir John said: “It has downsides. I mean, frankly, a second vote has democratic downsides. It has difficulties.

“But is it morally justified? I think it is.

“If you look back at the Leave campaign a great many of the promises they made were fantasy promises. We now know they are not going to be met.

“A referendum isn’t an easy option, but it’s not one at this stage that I would rule out.”

Meanwhile Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab hit out at Remainers claiming that Vote Leave cheated by breaching spending limits in the referendum.

He said their criticism was “last-ditch tactics by some to try and stop Brexit from happening”.

Mr Raab added: “Discrediting the referendum, calling for second referendums, I don’t think that helps at all.”

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