Size 30 woman sheds HALF her body weight through drinking her own urine

AN OBESE WOMAN lost nearly half her body weight through drinking her own WEE – and admitted she even “gargles with it”.

At 18 stone 12lbs Leah Sampson was so obese she was unable to brush her hair until she radically changed her lifestyle.

At her biggest, Leah was nearly 19-stone
Leah Sampson / MDWfeatures

She started drinking cups of urine and even washed her hair in it.

Leah, 46, from Alberta, Canada, also used it to clean her teeth and rinse her eyes, which alongside a strict hunter gatherer-style diet diet helped her drop to an impressive nine-an-a-half stone.

Before revamping her diet, the mum-of-two lived her life indulging in a “standard American diet of beef, pork and chicken”.  She suffered from chronic fatigue due to her weight.

One day, at UK size 30, her arms and hands had become so numb that she couldn’t brush her teeth or comb her hair and was in such severe pain that she didn’t want to live anymore.

Now she is a svelte size 14
Leah Sampson / MDWfeatures
She wakes up at 3am to collect her urine
Leah Sampson / MDWfeatures

In 2013 she also discovered urine therapy, the application of human urine for medicinal or cosmetic purposes, and decided to try it.

She now urinates into glasses and drinks half of it in the morning, saving the rest for throughout the day.

She is now a UK size 14 and has become confident enough to build up a platform dedicated to informing people about her journey.

Pictured when she was larger
Leah Sampson / MDWfeatures
Leah, when she was larger, said urine had helped her shed pounds
Leah Sampson / MDWfeatures

“Before I decided to lose weight, I felt invisible and sick,” she said. “The larger I became the more people ignored me which isolated me even more.

“This in turn fuelled me to eat more food which would give me a temporary feeling of happiness.

“However, the crash after my overindulgence gave me even more intense chronic pain.

“One day, my arms and hands had become so numb that I couldn’t brush my teeth, or my hair. I had such chronic fatigue and was in so much pain that I didn’t want to live anymore.

“I wasn’t able to take care of myself, nor my children. I was sick and tired of being sick, fat, tired and nearly dead.”

She is now a lot slimmer – which she attributes in part to her diet
Leah Sampson / MDWfeatures
She uses urine as an eye-drop
Leah Sampson / MDWfeatures

Describing the moment she discovered urine therapy, Leah said: “I was losing so much function in my arms that I couldn’t wash my own hair.

“I cried out in tears to God; begged and prayed for answers, telling God that I would do whatever he wanted me to if he would only heal me.

“A few moments after that prayer, my friend sent me a YouTube video link of therapy.

“I stood up in the bathtub, urinated into my hands, and drank it. I noted immediately that I ingested too much sodium and vowed to begin removing sodium from my diet immediately.”

Describing how she collected her urine, she said: “I capture my urine midstream after 3am, drink about half of it, and then sip the rest of it throughout the day; brushing my teeth, whilst also swishing my mouth and gargling with it.”

Urine therapy – does it work?

There are many reasons people may opt to use alternative or natural therapies.

But there is little evidence to suggest they work.

All medical treatments, such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy for cancer, have to go through vigorous testing to prove they work before they are made available to patients.

Alternative therapy is not subject to the same testing.

The lack of regulation also means some alternative therapies could be harmful or cause unwanted side effects.

And choosing alternative therapies, or shunning treatment all together, can prove fatal.

Cancer patients who opt for alternative treatments over chemotherapy are twice as likely to die, according to a recent study from the Yale School of Medicine.

Many alternative treatments, such as homeopathy, are based on the idea the body can heal itself through exposure to highly diluted substances that cause an illness.

In July NHS officials launched a consultation to scrap homeopathic medicines saying they are a “misuse of scarce funds”.

Alternative therapies can, however, be used alongside traditional medicine.

For example, many people find peppermint oil or ginger to be a successful remedy for nausea which is a nasty side effect of chemo.

She continued: “I collect my urine in glass jars throughout the day and shower with it at night. Not only do I brush my teeth with it, I wash my hair and use it to rinse my eyes and clean my skin.

“Reportedly it’s a trade secret of beauty queens and explains why after my rapid weight loss my skin has retained its shape.

“Losing weight has drastically improved the quality and outlook of my life giving me the opportunity to survive and thrive while opening doors for opportunities.

“I developed the confidence and ability to found my own non-profit organisation while bedridden that assists children and families within my local community.

“My chronic pain is now manageable and liveable. I’m not in pain every moment of every day and have been able to find periods of peace and tranquillity.”

Posing in a bikini, she explained how a sign from God led to her drinking urine
Leah Sampson / MDWfeatures

She now receives compliments on her new figure and while there is no scientific or medical evidence that urine therapy can help people lose weight, Leah credits this method for her new-found confidence.

“Most people can’t believe how much weight I’ve lost. I’ve literally l lost the weight of another person, to which I often respond, ‘yes I did. I lost the b**** off my back,’

“I’ve had doctors and other medical staff tell me that they would have never believed that I was morbidly obese at any point in my life, had they not looked at my medical record.

“My advice is to go to your family and naturopathic doctors devise a plan, and start asking anyone and everyone in your community for help and support.”

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